(Sam is in the Vselka Submarine and is about to breach.)

Irving Lambert: Fisher. Grimsdottir needs you to get inside the communication room. There's a central server inside you'll need to tap into. 

Sam Fisher: Can I ask why?

Lambert: As long as you don't expect an answer. Nature of the Agency. Be good.

(Sam moves along the Vselka's hull to the lower decks while avoiding contact with ex-spetsnaz that are patrolling or relaxing. He goes to a cargo hold and finds two talking.)

Ex-Spetsnaz1: There's still blood frozen on some of the walls.

Ex-Spetsnaz2: Are you taking the pills?

Ex-Spetsnaz1: They help me sleep, but they don't stop the nightmares. We killed so many, so easily.

Ex-Spetsnaz2: Forget about them. They were sailors and soldiers, men who chose to live by the gun. They should not have been surprised to likewise die.

(Sam climbs down to the lower decks passing through a control room. He sneaks between guards and goes to another room on the far side and patches through a computer.)

Lambert: OK, we've got the signal. Can you trace it, Grim?

Anna Grimsdottir: I might even be able to read it. Looks like a video signal. Yup, there.

Sam: Lambert?

Lambert: Fantastic. Fisher, Time for you to make yourself scarce.

(Soon the sub shook itself and Sam hears some people coming.)

Ex-Spetsnaz3: So, we are here. Where's this intruder?

Ex-Spetsnaz4: Shhh... He's got to be close by.

Ex-Spetsnaz5: What exactly did you see?

Ex-Spetsnaz4: A shadow that didn't have anything casting it. Just keep your eyes open.

(Soon, Sam enters the first part of the control room again and hits a switch that open the hatch for the torpedo launching sequence.)

Lambert: Watch out Fisher, you've got incoming!

Sam: You sound surprised.

(Sam avoids the enemy encounter, and gets an intercept on his radio.)

Ex-Spetsnaz1: Requesting Backup!

Ex-Spetsnaz2: (Acknowledged.) Got it.

(Sam goes to the torpedo tube and launches himself to the surface.)

End Mission.