Vselka Submarine
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Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Location Aboard the Vselka, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Date 26th January 2005 / 23:29 Hours
Objective Tap into Vselka's central servers to determine whether or not it carries nuclear warheads.

Vselka Submarine is a solo campaign level for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.


Tap into Vselka's central servers to determine whether or not it carries nuclear warheads.

Colonel Alekseevich's men have taken control of the Vselka in her berth and are attempting to acquire the warheads from several SS-N-20 sturgeon nuclear missiles. The main computers on the sub must be accessed to determine whether or not the missiles were offloaded.


Goals Edit

  • Unlock access to the lower decks.
  • Tap into the Vselka's central server.

Notes Edit

  • The torpedo tube hatch sequence can be automated from the launch computers to make a subaquatic extraction.
  • The lower decks access controls are located on the bridge.
  • The Vselka's servers are located on the bottom decks.

Mission OverviewEdit

Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher has infiltrated the Vselka submarine after breaking in the Vselka docking facility and forced it to surface. The Vselka sub is a high tech sub-transport with a very good broadcasting system as it was mentioned by the hostage sailor Bobrov. The sub is cramped with Colonel Andrei V. Alekseevich's mercenaries and are going to use it. Third Echelon are trying to determine whether it carries nuclear ammunition. Sam moves along the Vselkas hull to the lower decks while avoiding contact with ex-spetsnaz that are patrolling or relaxing. He heads to the lowest section of the sub and finds the broadcasting room. Anna Grimsdottir, traced the feed and told sam he as free to go. As he was about to leave, the sub submerged down and some guards were alerted . He manage to evade them and goes to the torpedo tube, waiting to get launched.-


None given.

Data sticksEdit

Main article: Data/Vselka Submarine


  • This is the first level in the Splinter Cell series where the player infiltrates a submarine, the next is Komodo, Indonesia Shipyard.
  • This is the first bonus mission with the least dialogue involved.
  • This is the first mission where Sam exfiltrates by swimming out of a complex, the other being Kokubo Sosho, however it is not shown, in contrast to the cutscene in Chaos Theory.




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