(Sam begins from the snowy docks outside the Vselka facility and is about to move.)

Irving Lambert: (Radio) We've updated your objectives. Your first target is a Russian sailor. We spotted him by drone. We think he's the only shipyard employee left alive.

Sam Fisher: What makes him so special that they let him live?

Lambert: That's what we want you to find out.

(Sam crosses the docks, avoiding contact with Spetsnazs and dogs then enters goes across the fence of the restricted path and into the Vselka building.)

(If he grabs the first merc patrolling inside the hallway of the building and interrogates.)

Sam: Stay quiet, play along, and you might live.

Spetsnaz1: Yes, Sir.

Sam: Very good. I'm looking for a sailor. A Russian. 

Spetsnaz1: The guy in the freezer?

Sam: You're asking me?

Spetsnaz1: Sorry. He's in the freezer. He's the only one left. We killed all the rest.

Sam: Who's 'we'?

Spetsnaz1: Mercenaries. Mostly ex-Spetsnaz.

Sam: How do I get the sailor?

Spetsnaz1: The lock-in freezer. The loading entrance is just outside. You can get in if you know the code

Sam: This is a question I don't need to ask.

Spetsnaz1: Of course, Sir. The door code is 310.

Sam: Thanks.

(Sam heads across the hall and into the door entering a room with turrets and a camera. He sneaks by and enters another hall. He goes to the stairwell to climb up.)

(If he waits until the soldiers come down to the next room, they will talk.)

Spetsnaz2: That's exactly why I'm staying put. 

Spetsnaz3: You don't care about...

Spetsnaz2: I don't care about anything but getting paid. Now I've gotten paid, I want to be around and spend the money.

Spetsnaz3: Hey, man, I've got nothing on you that you got on me.

Spetsnaz2: Yeah, don't forget the...

(Sam goes up and into a mess hall where three mercs are eating food.)

Spetsnaz4: Eating away like that, you're going to get fat.

Spetsnaz5: I can't help myself, my own mother never cooked so well. 

Spetsnaz6: Maybe you didn't salt her well enough. Hehehehe.

Spetsnaz4: Be nice. Anyway, we have to get back to our patrol.

Spetsnaz5: Relax, nothing is going to happen. This is the easiest job we've ever had.

Spetsnaz4: Us, and our sailor friend both. Welp... Dinner's over, come on Arkady, let's get back to our post.

(Sam goes near the freezer and puts the code and finds Bobrov on a chair tied up.)

Sam: Bobrov.

Bobrov: You're not one of them. Quickly, untie me.

Sam: No. But I do have a few questions.

Bobrov: You're... you're not here to help me?

Sam: I'm not here at all. I can't take you with me and if I untie you, it'll only mean trouble when the Spetsnaz find you. I don't have much time, and I need to know why you're alive.

Bobrov: Oh God.

Sam: They've killed everybody but you. Why?

Bobrov: Umm... I'm a submariner. I operate the broadcast system on the Vselka. She's docked outside.  

Sam: Broadcast system?

Bobrov: The submarine has a good communications system. Very flexible. The Azures are using it to transmit signals north.

Sam: So how can I get at it?

Bobrov: You can't. Not now. They keep submarine submerged.

Sam: So how do you get out of it?

Bobrov: With radio to the submarine. From the compressor control room... on the fourth floor. You need a passcode to get inside.

Sam: I'll bet you know that code.

Bobrov: Please! Untie me.

Sam: I'm getting cranky, Bobrov.

Bobrov: The code is... 8027.

(If Sam keeps talking.)

Bobrov: What do you want?

(If Sam keeps talking more.)

Bobrov: Please, untie me.

Sam: No

Bobrov: *Whimpers and cries*

(If Sam keeps talking even more.)

Bobrov: I beg you, leave me alone. If the Spetsnaz catch us talking they'll kill me.

(Talking to him one more time.)

Bobrov: What are you trying to do to me? Can't you see they will torture and kill me, you bastard?

(Sam leaves Bobrov and heads out from the freezer.)

Lambert: Fisher, you're gonna need to get inside that sub.

Sam: I'm gonna need it to the surface first.

Lambert: We're working on it. I'll get back to you.

(Sam heads out of the dining hall.)

Lambert: We've figured out how you can force the sub up. If you deactivate the compressor, they'll only have a few minutes to decide between surfacing or sinking to the bottom and suffocating. Details on your OpSat.

Sam: I don't think I'm gonna be making any friends on this job.

(Sam goes a floor above and heads into Spetsnaz quarters filled with cameras. As he goes near the control room.)

Lambert: GPS shows you're within a stone's throw of the compressor. Get ready to move once you've thrown it; men coming out of that sub aren't going to be happy.

Sam: You're underestimating my charm.

Lambert: I'm just trying to fit in. Watch yourself.

(Sam comes across a door locked by a retinal scanner. He turns left to an office with two mercs sitting at desks and grabs one of them.)

Sam: Say 'monkey'.

Spetsnaz7: Monkey!

(Sam uses him to open the door, then proceeds to knock him out.)

Sam: Thanks.

(Sam goes to the compressor and switches it. Meanwhile, a squad of mercs makes their way to the room Sam's in. He intercepts an alert.)

Ex-Spetsnaz: We have an unauthorized presence in the compressor room. Sending team immediately. Intruder in the submarine compressor room.

(Sam evades the raid and leaves the room to go down to where the submarine is.)

Lambert: Fantastic work, Fisher.

End Mission.