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The VSS is a sniper rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


VSS is the Russian sniper rifle developed for use by Spetsnaz and other special-operations troops, in real life, it uses 9x39mm SP-5, SP-6 and PAB-9 subsonic cartridges. This round fired by VSS has shorter effective range, slower muzzle velocity but in return, the noise level is very, very low and has almost no muzzle flash. Its sound is no longer audiable after 50 meters.

VSS "Vintorez" was not designed for long-range sniping, its effective range is only up to 400 meter, but its generally enough in urban warfare. A noticeable features is that the VSS can be fired in full-automatic if needed, although this means the 10 or 20-round box magazine will be quickly expanded; as it has a rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute. In its effective range, the VSS is still potent, 9x39mm rounds has the double amount of gun powder than 9x19mm Parabellum, even when the bullet velocity is fairly low for rifles, it can penetrate body armor.

In gameEdit

Although this weapon falls in sniper rifle category, the player should not use this as a sniper weapon, its default optic is the Russian made Kobra sight, a reflex-type optic commonly found on Russian weapon, it has no magnification, T-shaped, hollow-center reticule will hamper sniping as well. However, the player can purchase the PSO-1 optic, a 4x scope also used by SVU in game. This weapon has terrible bullet drop and low damage at range. Unless the headshot is scored, the enemy will be alerted at almost every case, which is not something the players want. However, the VSS is potent if being used as battle rifle, its optic means its suited as close range weapon, it is more accurate than assault rifles in game. And its silenced nature makes it very suitable for Ghost or Panther-style players. The VSS has a shorter mark & execute range than other sniper rifles, but will sometimes kill an armored enemy in one shot.


  • The in-game model is the AS Val, a competitor to VSS Vintorez.

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