The Unidentified North Korean UAV were a series of unmanned aerial vehicles used by the North Korean Army during it's declared war and invasion upon the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Seoul, South Korea in 2007. The North Korean UAV was used as a means of recon and military combat use along the war-torn capital of South Korea.

Overview Edit

The technical information of the Unidentified North Korean UAVs are currently unknown, although they appear to be an advanced form of propeller-based UAV systems, but with modifications. They aren't shaped like helicopters, instead the equipment/computer technical hardware hangs from the propeller with a machine gun located on the bottom with an infrared light attached to it. When it is in the air, it moves around and gives off a rather loud whirring sound from its electronics as well as the sound the propellar makes, meaning that an average person can hear it from a distance very easily.

The entire UAV is armored, making it near invulnerable to smaller munition rounds such as 5.7× 8mm and 5.56×45mm, but it is very susceptible to larger cannon armor piercing ammunition, such as 20×82mm APDS (Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot) rounds.

History Edit

2007: East Asian Crisis Edit

In 2007, during Third Echelon's insertion of Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher in Seoul, South Korea in order trace the attack on the USS Clarence E. Walsh, the Unidentified North Korean UAVs were encountered after an American EA-6B Prowler was shot down by Anti-Air fire from below. They mostly patrolled the streets of Seoul and aided nearby troopers against enemy forces. Sam Fisher was able to access various UAV laptops and tap them for Third Echelon, bringing vital information back to them for ways on how to counter them for American and South Korean troops.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned above, the NK UAVs are vulnerable to the player's SC-20K M.A.W.S.'s Sniper Attachment, able to destroy the UAV with a well placed shot. Shotgun Attachment is also effective at close range, though getting close enough is tricky. However, the loud gunshots and a subsequent explosion will alert everyone in the immediate area.
  • The UAVs are fictional and are never actually given an offical name during the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

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