The Unidentified Libyan Militia was a local militia that operated in Benghazi, Libya in 2013, during the Blacklist Attacks. Operating around the Benghazi area in Libya, this Unidentified Libyan Militia took part in taking control of major points in Benghazi, including a local police station where Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher had to rescue Andriy Kobin.

Overview Edit

Identification Edit

There are multiple 'types' of militia in Libya, particularly around 2013. The militia in Splinter Cell: Blacklist are never identified by name, with their only form of distinguished features being their own flag that can be found in the interrogation room in the level Safehouse. The flag that is hung up in the interrogation room in the police station is a picture of two sabers and what appears to be an eagle or falcon (some type of bird).

Trivia Edit

  • The militia is never actually named in the game, simply being called 'the local militia'. This is likely a fictional group that was created by Ubisoft Toronto for story purposes.

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