Unidentified Black Arrow officer
Biographical information
Citizenship American
Career information
Occupation Black Arrow officer
Affiliations Black Arrow
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Conviction

The unidentified Black Arrow officer was an officer within the private military company Black Arrow. He helped in securing one of two EMP devices around Washington, D.C. by disclosing vital information to Sam Fisher, after being interrogated.

Biography Edit

2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy Edit

The unidentified Black Arrow officer was one of several Black Arrow officers that were guarding the outside of an abandoned warehouse when ex-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrated the grounds to locate the EMP devices. When Fisher eliminated his comrades, Fisher sneaked up behind the Black Arrow officer and grabbed him, interrogating him for the location of the EMP devices located in the Reservoir.

He refused to reveal the information at first, then quickly pulled a bowie knife on Sam. The former Splinter Cell was able to grab his arm and twist it back on the tree stump, then proceed to stab the knife into the officer's hand - pinning his arm to the stump. Afterwards, the officer told Sam that Jeremy Prentiss brought a scientist, who was earlier seen in the White Box Laboratories by Fisher, inside of one of the warehouse buildings where computer equipment was set up. Fisher then leaves him behind.


  • The officer carries an M468.
  • He can be killed by throwing an explosive at him, this will make it impossible to interrogate him unless the player restarts the mission.
  • In order to trigger the animation where he pulls a knife on Sam is that he must be persuaded randomnly two times and must go to the tree stump to activate the last part.
  • He is the one of two victims that tried to resist Sam's interrogation, the other being Andriy Kobin.

Gallery Edit

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