The USP.45 is a pistol featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction and is available for use by the player. It is the last pistol unlocked in story mode, available after you complete the Lincoln Memorial mission, where it is the pistol used to kill Lucius Galliard. Unlike it's larger sibling, the MK.23, the USP.45 is not equipped with a suppressor. The weapon is very balanced without upgrade. With Hollow Point Ammo, the USP.45 can be more powerful than the P228, whilst having similar range and accuracy. The upgrade will also make the USP one of the three pistols able to still kill helmet-wearing enemies in one shot. With the Reflex Sight the USP.45 can mark 3 targets.

Asides from not being suppressed, the USP has a moderate magazine capacity of 12 rounds, easily outmatched by the P228, Five-seveN and the MK.23, although as pistols have unlimited reloads in Conviction this is ultimately not too big an issue.

Description Edit

Powerful and accurate at medium ranges, the USP.45 is one of the most trustworthy sidearms.

Upgrades Edit

The following upgrades are available for the USP.45:

Laser Sight Edit

The Laser Sight increases the accuracy of a weapon and improves aiming assistance.

Cost: 250 P.E.C. Points

Reflex Sight Edit

The Reflex Sight increases a weapon's associated marks by 1.

Cost: 400 P.E.C. Points

Hollow Point Ammo Edit

Hollow Point Ammo is customized to slightly increase the damage per bullet.

Cost: 250 P.E.C. Points


The USP.45 is the last sidearm to be purchased in Blacklist.

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