Upsilon Spies emblem
Other Name(s) Upsilon, UPSILON Force, UPSILON Forces
Formed Unknown
Jurisdiction United States / Worldwide
Location The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia and assorted Operational Command Centres
Operations Mercenaries
Information retrieval and analysis
Information warfare
Data analysis and mining
Covert Ops
Agents See Mercenaries (Recruit, Operative, Officer, Commander) & Spies (Agent, Field Agent, Special Agent)
Parent Agency United States Department of Defense
Status Unknown
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2)

UPSILON (also known as Upsilon, UPSILON Force, and UPSILON Forces) is an organization of mercenaries and spies with apparent ties to The Pentagon (according to concept material). UPSILON Mercenaries and UPSILON Spies are the enemies of Third Echelon and Echelon, respectively. They appear in Spies vs. Spies, and Spies vs. UPSILON Mercenaries. They are also the opponents of the lone wolf Sam Fisher of Third Echelon in one Spy vs. Spy mode (Sam vs. All)


Note: This background information comes from concept art.

UPSILON are the best of the best. These are men at the peak of their fitness and it is fair to say that they are above average type of human. Strong and quick thinking, the UPSILON guys have to be fast moving, fast reacting, and durable (able to take some damage). They have to be able to quickly track the movements of an incredibly acrobatic enemy as he somersaults past them, and still be able to shoot them out of the air.

UPSILON are not only good at blending into their surroundings (not nearly as effectively as Spies, but well nonetheless), but specialize in working as a team. They communicate through hand signals and vocals and will always know where and who each other is through satellite tracking.

All major military actions are ultimately coordinated from the Pentagon, but in smaller skirmishes there are smaller Operational Command Centers that will coordinate the UPSILON instead.[1]


UPSILON Mercenary EquipmentEdit

UPSILON Mercenaries use their explosive firepower and brutal close-combat maneuvers to secure buildings and eliminate any intruder. UPSILON Mercenaries are primarily referred to as UPSILON Force (UPSILON Force) or UPSILON Forces (UPSILON Forces).

UPSILON Spy EquipmentEdit

UPSILON Spies use their stealth, acrobatic abilities, close combat moves and gadgets to fulfill their objectives.

Mission ObjectivesEdit


UPSILON Mercenaries must spot intruders, track down and eliminate them, and keep their systems secure.

  • Goal: Protect the mission objectives and eradicate any intruders.
  • Victory: All spies killed or time limit reached before two files are secured by the Spies.
  • Infiltration: Protect the objectives by preventing the Spy team from hacking them. Track the enemies and kill them.
  • Exfiltration: Retrieve the stolen file by eliminating the intruder before he reaches the drop zone (control drone).
  • File Secure: The aim of the UPSILON Forces is to prevent Echelon spies from downloading and securing two confidential files from each of the four terminals.


Using stealth abilities, close combat fighting, and acrobatics, UPSILON spies retrieve data, protect computers from being hacked and/or eliminate the opposing team in several different game modes.

  • Team Hack: UPSILON spies try to retrieve data by hacking into enemies computers and securing their own computers.
  • Team Deathmatch: A team of Upsilon spies must take down a team of Third Echelon spies or be killed.
  • Key Run: UPSILON must retrieve a key allowing them to hack Third Echelon's computers.
  • Countdown: A team of UPSILON spies must take down a team of Third Echelon spies or be killed within a set time limit. Getting more kills extends the time limit for that team.
  • Sam vs. All: UPSILON spies must defend their computers from being hacked by lone wolf Sam Fisher of Third Echelon. Sam Fisher lacks most of his equipment from single player and limited to equipment nearly identical to that carried by Third Echelon spies.

Mission locations Edit


Upsilon emblem

Emblem of the Upsilon Force.

Upsilon ForceEdit



  • The UPSILON Mercenaries appear in multiplayer for Double Agent on Microsoft Xbox 360/Sony PlayStation 3/PC.
  • The UPSILON Spies appear in Spies vs. Spies in Double Agent on Xbox/PlayStation 2. They are pitted against the spies of Third Echelon (except in Deathmatch and Sam Vs. All). UPSILON Spies are pitted against Sam Fisher of Third Echelon in Sam Vs. All. Only Third Echelon spies appears in Deathmatch,
  • UPSILON Spies wear two-lensed Night Vision Goggles with yellow lenses.
  • On the Secret Base level the UPSILON Mercenaries help defend a secret base of the NSA from intruding Echelon spies.
  • In concept story ideas for the UPSILON and their enemies, Echelon, is that they had the "...same basis but divergent military/government development". The events may take place in the "close future", explaining all the futuristic equipment used by UPSILON and Echelon.[2]

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