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The three-lense design for the many variations of night-vision goggles worn by Sam Fisher, as represented in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The Trifocal Symbol is a three-dot symbol represented as the iconic symbol for the Splinter Cell series, with the symbol derived from the lens formation that the Multi-Vision Goggles worn by Sam Fisher generate. Since the appearance in the very first Splinter Cell title, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, the symbol has been used as the official symbol for the entire Splinter Cell franchise.

History Edit

The creation of the iconic Trifocal Symbol dates back to main reason for the development of the Splinter Cell series. Ubisoft Montreal were tasked with creating a "Metal Gear Solid 2 killer" and had to think of something iconic to the main character, Sam Fisher, that was similar of instant recognization to Solid Snake's bandana. What would be known as the Multi-Vision Goggles was created, with a glowing light emitting from the lens that served two purposes: to create an iconic symbol that would later become the franchises' trademarked symbol, as well as allowing for the player to see themselves in the dark.


The trifocial symbol seen in the trailer of Splinter Cell Conviction

Uses Edit

  • The Trifocal Symbol is used as the trademark symbol for the Splinter Cell franchise as a whole, all the while appearing synonymous with the Trifocal Multi-Vision Goggle design in the series.
    • Sam Fisher and Isaac Briggs wear Trifocal Symbol goggles.
  • The Trifocal Symbol is used as the Echelon Spies symbol for the multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs.
  • The Trifocal Symbol, represented as red instead of green, appears throughout Splinter Cell: Conviction such as in the title splash screen, loading screen icon as well as the saving icon.
    • During the section where Sam Fisher is talking with Sarah Fisher (taking place 20 years in around 1992), the pattern on Sarah's pajama's form the Trifocal Symbol. The buttons on the stuffed animal form the symbol and the stickers on the door form the symbol as well.
    • When Tom Reed is shot in both shoulders by Fisher, and shot in the head (by either Sam or Grim), the Symbol is shown by the bullet marks in his body.

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