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The Tri-Rotor is a remote-pilotable flying drone that fires Sticky Shocker darts. Its rotors can be heard by hostiles if you fly too close, or if the others see the sticky shocker that struck someone.

Used to:

  • Scout out areas and Mark hostiles, or attract enemies.
  • Upgrade to gain the ability Self-Destruct and emit sonar pulses.

Sonar is unavailable in Perfectionist or near Drone Operators. Drone Operators cannot jam the Tri-Rotor’s main video frequency.

Charlie Cole created a miniaturized version which can carry CS grenades. Fisher used it during the mission to investigate Igor Kasperov's crashed plane, and during the Texas mission.


  • The Tri-rotor is very similar to the drone used in Ghost Recon Future Soldier, another Tom Clancy game.
    • The Tri-rotor can also emit a sonar pulses.
    • It has 3 rotors in stead of 4 this is most likely to mach the iconic goggles.
  • When the Tri-rotor attracts enemies with noise it only plays music and not some of the other sounds that sticky cams or noisemakes make.
  • Once the enemy knows there is a drone nearby, they will be alerted.
  • Some missions the Tri-rotor is given to Sam even if it is not in his loadout, and needed to complete the mission.


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