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Part 1: Basic Assault Course Edit

You will begin the level as Sam Fisher. Irving Lambert will begin talking to you via your earpiece. At this point, all you can do is look around. Lambert will instruct you to look at the four red lights set up around the immediate area (one is on the wall to your left, the other is to the right, the third is located on the ground while the final one is located up in the rafters). After completing the 'calibrations test', you will be free to move around Fisher. Move forward and jump on the ledge of the pull, and push up on the directional controls to move up over the pool. After this, Lambert will explain that he'll let you run the course.

Follow the small footprints to the ladder on your right and move towards it to grab it, then follow it up to an upper platform. Once you reach the top, jump onto the zip line to the surface below. Once you reach the bottom, climb down until you meet a wire obstacle. Press the crouch button and move under the barbed wire and stick left, stick yourself to the wall until you come out to the pipe obstacle. Jump up on the pipe and follow it to the circular hole, then press the 'crouch' button to bring your legs up. Move through the hole until it opens up, then press the 'jump' button to drop to the ground. Move up and over the the fence, then continue on until you get to a ladder. Climb up the ladder until you reach the top, then climb down the ladder on the opposite side. Perform a wall jump by pressing the jump button twice while a wall surface is on your 'side', then climb up and drop down on the opposite side. Walk up to the metal door in order for it to open.

Part 2: Covert Ops Training Edit

Move forward until Irving Lambert begins talking to Fisher (the game will not allow you to move yet). After the dialogue finishes, move towards the north-east of where you came out from the door. Open the door and you will find a locked door on your left. Select the 'Lock Pick Kit' from your inventory and press the 'Fire' button/trigger to activate lock picking. For consoles, use the analog stick until the controller vibrates or the lock picks 'wiggle' (for PC, this is done with the directional keys). Once you unlock the door, sneak 'very' slowly clockwise around the crates until you get behind the CIA instructor. The 'Grab' notification on HUD in the Interaction System should appear, press the action button to grab him. Press the action button to 'interrogate' him, giving you the code to the door (which is 28469). Knock him out by pressing the 'Fire' button, then access the keypad lock to unlock the door.

Once the door is open, Lambert will chime in on your earpiece again. Like the guy before, sneak up behind the CIA instructor and 'grab' him. Move towards the Retinal Scanner until the interaction option appears, then press the action button again to force his eyes on the scanner, unlocking the door. Move through the door and Lambert will talk to you. Take out your SC Pistol and shoot out the lights, creating shadows and masking your movements from the security camera ahead. Head through the door and stick your back against the wall to your left, on the same side as the doorway you just came out from. Use the 'unholster' button to take out your SC Pistol, then shoot the camera until it is disabled (alternatively, you can wait for the camera to look away and quickly move under the camera, where it can't see you, and shoot it from up close). Move on to the next area and stick close to the crates casing shadows to your left. Waiting until the camera faces the opposite side you are on and quickly move across the lit area. Move ahead through the door and open it for Lambert to speak to you again.

You will find a guard standing in the hallway opposite to where you exited the last door. You can either knock him out or grab him, either way, move him to a shadowed area behind you and to the right. After hiding him, remain in the shadows until the guard comes out to check your progress. Wait until he leaves (Lambert will talk to you to let you know), then head back to where the guard you knocked out was standing. Open the door and you will find a yellow room. Move *very* slowly onto the below surface and you should soft land. Move to the platform ahead and press the jump button, prompting Fisher to climb over it. Do it again for the next walkway and move to the 'chains'. Avoid them by moving very slowly and carefully, continued ahead and slowly move across the broken glass. Turn right, open the door, then open the final door to your right, which will trigger the final cutscene.

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