[First News Wire logo appears on the screen followed by music]

[April 29th, 2004]

Morris Odell: Cancelled the trip to Georgia this morning after the suicide bomb assassination of that country's president by separatist rebels from the Abkhazia region. Continued fighting in the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions has hindered Georgia's hopes of integration into Western institutions.

[May 1st, 2004]

Morris Odell: Industry Baron Kombayn Nikoladze seized power today in a bloodless coup. Installing himself at the Presidential Palace behind a wall of political and military support. The charismatic billionaire plans on holding elections within a matter of days to affirm his seat of power and promises a pristine and profitable relationship with America and the west.

[June 16th, 2004]

Morris Odell: ...bringing high-speed fiber-optic connectivity to areas of Eastern Europe that less than a decade past didn't have telephones. The technological leap is due largely to the efforts of rising information industries in the Netherlands, and especially Georgia where President...

[July 25th, 2004]

Morris Odell: The Vice President called his visit to Georgia an honor, and called Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze, 'a man with his eyes on the future.'

(Scene starts with Lambert entering a long hallway until he stands in front of a keypad lock. He inputs a keypad lock combination and the door opens up. Lambert walks through the door to see Sam Fisher waiting for him.)

Irving Lambert: Sam Fisher. I can't believe you beat me here.

Sam Fisher: I like to be early. Hello, Colonel.

Lambert: You can use my name, the room is safe.

Fisher: Lambert.

Lambert: Good to see you again. I trust NSA orientation is going well.

Fisher: Well enough. Everybody's been real coy about what exactly I'm allowed to know.

Lambert: It's the nature of the agency. We don't let any one person know everything. Which means we've all got to work together.

Fisher: Even though I'll be out there alone.

Lambert: You'll be transmitting to us in more ways than you can imagine. We'll be online through your earpiece and OpSat.

Fisher: And that's how we're handle training.

Lambert: Yep. Sorry to make you run the course, I know you've been taking care of yourself.

Fisher: I haven't been in the field for years.

Lambert: Sure. But tradecraft is something you don't forget. It's like riding a bike.

Fisher: Or wearing high heels.

Lambert: Heh hehehe heh, be careful, Fisher. Everything we say is being monitored. You know how nervous the brass is about exercising the Fifth Freedom.

Fisher: I'll be good.

Lambert: Be better than good. Third Echelon is a brand new initiative. The role aggressive intelligence operations will play in NSA's future will depend largely on your performance. I'll see you on the far side of the course.

(In game: Sam is on the obstacle course.)

Lambert: (Radio) Alright Sam, let's get started. Can you hear me clearly?

Fisher: Hi there.

Lambert: Good, that means the implanted speaker is working correctly. Now, the technicians here want to calibrate your equipment. Can you turn to the red emergency light on the wall on your left?

(After Sam does as told.)

Lambert: Great, now the one on your right.

(After looking to the red light.)

Lambert: Okay, same thing for pitch. Look for another light up in the rafters on the ceiling.

(When he finds the red light.)

Lambert: Excellent. Now look for one on the ground in front of you.

(After turning to the ground.)

Lambert: Alright Fisher, we'll get through this as quickly as possible. We'll start simple; climb up onto that ledge over the pool.

(Sam goes over the ledge.)

Lambert: We'll let you do your thing here. You're looking at your basic assault course. I'll chime back in once you've passed it.

(If Sam manages to get into the observation platform over the assault course and talks to Grim.)

Fisher: Who are you?

Anna Grimsdottir: You must be Sam Fisher. I'm Anna Grimsdottir. Pleased to meet you.

Fisher: Third Echelon lead programmer.

Grim: You've done your homework.

Fisher: Some of it. I'm still a little foggy on my OpSat.

Grim: The Operations Satellite Up-link. Basically just a multi million tax dollar PDA, but it will tell you everything you need to know to complete your missions, so make sure you're comfortable with the interface.

(If Sam talks to her again.)

Grim: No need to introduce yourself, I've got an earful of your history from Lambert.

Fisher: I am not as mean as he says.

Grim: On the contrary, the man thinks you should be cannonised

Fisher: Ha, what? The saint of shady causes.

Grim: I don't know, how about the saint of well directed sins.

(If Sam talks to her again.)

Fisher: You were involved with Second Echelon, right?

Grim: Yeah, briefly. I had some ideological differences.

Fisher: Like what?

Grim: I didn't respect the human element.

Fisher: Hmm, were you there on the burnout in 2000?

Fisher Yep... But I don't have any clearance to talk about it.

(If the player tries to speak again.)

Grim: Good to meet you.

(If the player attempts to talk to Grim again.)

Grim: Good luck on the course.

(If the player knocks Grim out.)

Lambert: God dammit, Fisher. I went out on a limb to get you recruited for this detail. What the hell are you thinking? You're fired. You're out of the agency. Game over.

(After the player traverses the assault course while Lambert watches through a glass window, there is one more gate to get over.)

Lambert: Good job, Fisher. As soon as you can find a way over the gate, we'll move on to Covert Ops training.

(The player gets over the gate by performing a wall jump. The garage door on the other side opens and the player enters.)

Lambert: (Radio) You're moving on into covert Ops. The objective is to sneak through the area without being detected. We've got live bodies in there; some of the top CIA instructors have kindly volunteered to be your victims.

(When Sam enters the next room over a locked door.)

Lambert: The next door is locked, Sam. You'll need to use your lock picks to get through it.

(Sam enters the room to find a guard and a door with a keypad next to it.)

Lambert: This next door is keypad locked. The man guarding the door has the code but he's been instructed not to cooperate. Convince him otherwise.

(If the CIA Instructor sees Sam before he grabs him)

CIA Instructor: I saw you coming


CIA Instructor: I saw you, Sam.

(If Sam makes too much noise and the CIA Instructor hears him)

CIA Instructor: I heard you.

(If Sam knocks out the CIA Instructor before interrogating him)

Lambert: Sam, that's not the purpose of this part of the training. Let's try again.

(As Sam grabs the CIA Instructor and engages into interrogation.)

Fisher: Hi there.

CIA Instructor: Hi.

Fisher: You're not going easy on me, are you?

Instructor: *Grunt* Not so tight, that hurts!

Fisher: Sorry about that. What's the door code?

Instructor: 2-8-4... 6-9.

Fisher: It was a pleasure working with you.

Instructor: *Sigh* Likewise.

(If same keeps interrogating.)

Instructor: 2-8-4... 6-9.

(After same goes through the room, facing another guard and door with retina scanner next to it.)

Lambert: This next door is retinal-scanner locked. These things are cheap and near impossible to hack. Fortunately, it's just a matter of getting the right eyes to the scanner, usually an officer. The gentleman ahead is registered for the scanner, convince him to open the door for you.

(Once Sam passed through the door into a hallway with a camera after a corner above a door.)

Lambert: Let's work on stealth. Your gun should always be a last resort. Invisibility is your best weapon. We've got a network of photocells on your outfit connected to a visibility meter on your OpSat. If the meter is at four, you're lit up like a Dutch brothel. At zero, you're a ghost's shadow.

(If Sam is spotted by a camera, setting off an alarm:)

Lambert: I saw you on the monitor, Sam. Let's try that again.

(As Sam enters to another room with cameras.)

Lambert: Some cameras are more fragile, and all you'll need to do to get past them is shoot them.

(After clearing the room and entering another one with an armored camera.)

Lambert: Sometimes the only way to pass a camera will be to stick to existing shadows and time your movements.

(As Sam enters a corridor with a guard.)

Lambert: Knock out the guard in the corridor and hide his body before the patrolling guard finds it.

(Once Sam knocks the guard out and takes him behind a closed, shadowed space.)

Lambert: OK now Fisher, Let's bring in another guard to evaluate your work.

(Another guard enters the room. If he sees the guard that Sam knocked out:)

Guard: I saw the body you were supposed to hide.

(After the guard does his patrol and Sam leaves the room.)

Lambert: Good work, Sam. Remember that discretion is critical to our operations. Covering up the evidence of your passing through will go long way towards proving our usefulness in the field.

(Upon entering a sound proof room with microphones dangling on the ceiling.)

Lambert: The next hallway's the same idea, but for sound. I'll be monitoring a few hidden mics.

(If Sam fails the test.)

Lambert: Not quite soft enough. Give it another shot.

(If Sam passes the test.)

Lambert: Have you started yet? Fisher? Holy Christmas, you're at the end. Phenomenal work. Let's move on.

(Once Sam leaves the room and enters a hallway, Lambert and Vernon Wilkes Junior join him.)

Vernon Wilkes Jr.: That's gotta be him.

Lambert: Yep. Sam Fisher, let me introduce you to Vernon Wilkes Junior.

Fisher: Hello.

Wilkes Jr.: Hehey. I've heard crazy things about your work.

Lambert: I hope you don't mind. I told him some of your stories from Kuwait.

Fisher: We're all friends here.

Wilkes Jr.: Right on.

Lambert: Junior Wilkes is a long time NSA employee. He'll be your wheels, wings, and weapons. He coordinates transportation and equipment

Fisher: Great.

Wilkes Jr.: For sure. Man, you must be itching to get back out in the field, huh?

Fisher: It's all I'm good at.

Wilkes Jr.: Well, it's all we need. Welcome to the NSA

Lambert: I'm sure things are going to come together famously. Third Echelon is a brand new initiative. And we're going to have a lot to prove.

Fisher: Right.

Lambert: The two of you will be Third Echelon's first team on the ground. Be ready for it and do us proud. Welcome to the NSA.

End Mission.