This page contains a list of features and content that was cut from the final version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell before its release.

Content Edit

  • Sam's vest appeared to be a dark/olive green. In final release it is black.
  • In game files suggest that a flashlight may have been an equitable item.
  • Sensor lights.
  • A GPS, Grim was going to be testing it on Sam before basic training.
  • Sticky cam and shockers were planed to be used in the training.
  • Healthbar was displayed horizontally.
  • The crosshairs were square.


A 3rd chapter was planned to be include taking place between Kalinatek and the Chinese Embassy (1st November to 11th November). It was to take place in Russia where Sam was sent to track down the source of the cyber-attacks.


This level was to place on the 4th November, 2004 at a shipyard in Russia. The terrain was snow and ice. The main mission was for Fisher to infiltrate the submarine docked at the site and access the SISSIXS. However before that Fisher had to destroy the communications center of the yard and disable the compressor in the control room for the submarine to rise to the surface. Needing access to the control room he'd be tasked with finding and interrogating Bobrov, a Russian navy officer, whom is being held prisoner in a walk-in freezer. Intel acquired from the submarine leads Third Echelon to a Nuclear Power Plant in Nadezhda.

This level was likely redesigned as the two Vselka bonus missions, Vselka Infiltration and Vselka Submarine that was released as DLC for both the Xbox and the Windows versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

The Komodo Shipyard level from Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow also has elements of this level.

Mining TownEdit

This level was to take place on the 8th of November in 2004, with much of its content found in the game files that can be located on the disc for the Windows version. The goal for the player was to disconnect some sort of electrical transformer, then to find and infiltrate a Georgian operational base. The player was then to disable a Georgian satellite transmitter, interrogate one of the men in the mines beneath the city, then to finally disable the Georgian satellite from a 'terrestrial antenna'.


Kola Peninsula, Russia
9th November 2004

Relays trace back to Severonickel smelting plant. Grímsdóttir identified this is the place Nikoladze military information is stored.

Fisher is inserted by Wilkes via car. Then he must enter the building of satellite communication to destroy the satellite dish to disable the alarm. Fisher tempers with the UPS and stars the siren that causes a power surge and burns the satellite dish. Next Fisher infiltrates the smelting factory Severonikel where he is to stop the Pickett Gap program. Grímsdóttir figured out how to find out their code. Make them run the Pickett Gap programme. She plans to hack it before something serious happens. Fisher is instructed to locate Masse. He finds Masse at his keyboard and forces him to run the Pickett Gap program. But Grímsdóttir discovers the whole program was shunted to the server. Fisher then is instructed to destroy the server which will stop the program. Along the way to the server Fisher is tasked to tamper with three 57E7-Y Surface to Air Missile launchers so that they explode on start-up (Fisher has dealt with these in Kuwait). Then Fisher continues on to the server and destroys it. Colonel Alekseevich is altered to the intruder and Fisher corners him and Alekseevich shoots himself in the head. Fisher then heads to the railway station to extract via Osprey and watches the 57E7-Ys explode. It is also noted that Wilkes is shot while extracting Sam.

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