Stealth suit

Shadownet spy hiding from Mercenary.

The Optic Camouflage Suit is an advanced camouflage suit that allows an object to blend into it's surroundings by using light-bending technology.


The technology uses Retro-Reflective Project (RPT) Technology to allow the wearer of the suit to become nearly invisible. This allows the user to enhance their stealth capabilities and reduce their risk of being detected by the enemy. The biggest disadvantage of the Thermoptic Camouflage Suit is that it will deactivate if the user moves quickly, is in the rain, or if the user fires a weapon.


  • Active camouflage is also used by the Shadownet spies in the multiplayer modes of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, making them harder for the Mercenaries to spot their target; however, it had a very limited power supply, making the suit only work for fifteen seconds, and contact with water or moving too fast will also short the system out.

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