Tbilisi Old Town is a location in Tbilisi, Georgia as well as an important location in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.


The term 'Old Town' is a term that refers to the historical part of the city of Tbilisi.



This warehouse was a three-story structure entrenched deep within the residential blocks of the Old Town. It was here that Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher was to meet with the NSA's Georgian contact Thomas Gurgenidze regarding the disappearances of Agents Robert Blaustein and Alice Madison. This building was set aflame by Russian mercenaries hired to silence Gurgenidze before he could reveal what he knew to anyone on the outside, and Gurgenidze himself died in the flames but not before tipping off Fisher to his means of finding the missing agents. The warehouse presumably was completely destroyed as a result of the inferno.

Morevi SquareEdit

Morevi Square is a small public park compacted deep within the Old Town, overlooked by numerous apartment complexes and flats of traditional Georgian design. It is sealed off at night by several gates and is home to a water fountain. Located east of Morevi Square is the safehouse of CIA Agent Robert Blaustein, and located just off to the side of its main gate is a hidden "dead drop" used by Blaustein to monitor the nearby 7th Police Precinct.

Blaustein's SafehouseEdit

This apartment was where CIA Agent Robert Blaustein operated out of during his search for Alice Madison. It is located east of Morevi Square and overlooks the Old Town, complete with a balcony and a large outside deck. The black box linked to Bluastein's subdermal implants was hidden in his bedroom behind a large painting that covered a fake wall panel. Fisher infiltrated the apartment to access the black box to determine Blaustein's location, only to find that Russian mercenaries loyal to Nikoladze had already ransacked the entire apartment on the orders of Vyacheslav Grinko. Although they had confiscated much of Blaustein's equipment, they did not uncover the black box prior to Fisher's arrival, and Fisher used it to track the already dead Blaustein to the nearby 7th Police Precinct.

Tbilisi 7th PrecinctEdit

The 7th Tbilisi Police Precinct is one of many precincts located throughout Tbilisi. Like any police station, it houses the offices of its officers and the chief, as well as its own series of jail cells and a mortuary. The precinct also hosts an interrogation room where criminals are questioned on their crimes.

The 7th Precinct is, however, a highly corrupt division of the Tbilisi police force, with many of its officers engaged in illegal activities such as random killings, beatings, the harassment of civilians, torture, and even open collaboration with Russian mercenaries. These mercenaries participate in patrolling the surrounding neighborhoods and alleyways alongside the corrupt officers of the precinct, ensuring that no suspicious individuals are aware of the true nature of their operations within the precinct. The staff at the precinct are in direct collaboration with Russian mercenary leader Vyacheslav Grinko, who is a close collaborator with President Kombayn Nikoladze.


  • In 2007, Old Town became an administrative district in Tbilisi, after the first Splinter Cell title's release.

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