The T-208.

The T-208 was a red car that belonged to Anna Grímsdóttir during the Third Echelon Conspiracy in 2011.

After Sam Fisher's capture by Third Echelon operatives in Malta, he was transported to Price Airfield in Virginia to be interrogated by Tom Reed's orders. After he left, however, Grím shot and killed the interrogator before he was able to inject Sam with a syringe full of drugs. After convincing Sam to help put a stop to whatever Tom Reed was planning, Grím gave the keys of the T-208 to Sam to help him escape. The vehicle is then used by Sam to travel between locations in Washington, D.C. for a short time.


  • Apparently the car had a GPS locator chip installed, but Grim disabled it so that it couldn't be tracked by Black Arrow helicopters.
  • The car is simply called a 'T-208', although the vehicle itself seems to be a red 2008-2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

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