Stanley Nakariakov was a codename used by Filipino drug dealers to completely distract investigators from further looking into their illegal drug operations around the world. Instead of focusing on the people involved, investigators would be looking for a Russian that doesn't actually exist.

Overview Edit

During the Indonesian Crisis in 2006, Third Echelon agent Sam Fisher was assigned on a special operation to sneak into Darah Dan Doa leader Suhadi Sadono's villa to tap his phone and record his Pandora Tomorrow phone calls to his men stationed in the US to delay a smallpox release. During his mission, however, Fisher was supposed to contact an undercover CIA pilot, Azrul Arifin, who was working for Sadono as his personal pilot. When Fisher finally met with the contact, Azrul revealed to Fisher about the name 'Stanley Nakariakov' and a district (Lei Yu Mun district) in Hong Kong, China, reiterating to Fisher the name again as they finished their short conversation.

The next year, during the East Asian Crisis, Sam Fisher was given a mission by Third Echelon to track down and assassinate Hugo Lacerda, leader of a guerilla group who called themselves the People's Voice on a cargo ship named the Maria Narcissa. During a search of Lacerda's ledger, Third Echelon's technical analyst Anna Grímsdóttir discovered the name 'Stanley Nakariakov' was a codename used by the Filipino drug trade to throw investigators off the track, following leads on an imaginary Russian who didn't exist.

Trivia Edit

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