Spy Manual cover

The front page of the Spy Manual.

― Text printed on the top of the front page.

The Spy Training Manual (also known as Third Echelon Spy Manual and Spy Training) is a bonus manual document created for Ubisoft by Penny Arcade. It was included in the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Limited Collector's Edition.

Summary Edit

The Spy Training Manual is a humorous 12-page manual that acts as a 'How to' and introductory instruction book for new Spies recruited into Third Echelon's Shadownet division. The manual typically features two Spies (Spy A and Spy B) in a variety of situations as the manual instructs new Spies how to operate.

Sections Edit

  • Recuperative Techniques: The Syringe (Section c, page 57)
  • Infiltration Techniques: The "Cable Guy" (Section b, page 36)
  • Infiltration Techniques: Gymnastics (Section A, page 15)
  • Electronics: Hacking (Section D, page 134)
  • Electronics: We Can See You (Section D, page 102)
  • Surveillance Equipment: Sticky Cameras (Section E, page 23)
  • Equipment: A Higher Level Of Protection (Section H, page 234)
  • Advanced Technique #35a: The Man Ladder (Section A, page 21)
  • The Fundamentals (Section A, page 11)
  • Equipment: Know Your Visor (Section H, page 260)
  • Equipment: Know Your Visor, Part 2 (Section H, page 262)
  • Techniques: The Neck Grab (Section A, page 15)

Trivia Edit

  • The manual shows the number of pages (in the top right corner of each page) leading up to at least 262 pages, with sections up to "H", but in actuality the manual is only 12 pages long.
  • Although this is a "Spy" manual for the multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs, there are instances where it applies to the cooperative mode in Chaos Theory (such as utilizing the co-op action of climbing your partners back).
    • Players are never able to utilize this during Spies vs Mercs, however.

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