The Spy Hacking Device is a high-tech gauntlet device that is part of the ECHELON Spy uniform. The gauntlet uses wireless communication technology to send super-high frequency signals to disable lights, glass windows and other weak objects.

Overview Edit

The Spy Hacking Device looks similar to Third Echelon and Fourth Echelon's OPSAT device, although the Spy Hacking Device seems to be only dedicated to hack-based functions in the field. Depending on the signal (with the signal range displayed in visual 'bars' on the Hacking Device screen), the Hacking Device can be used to hack certain electricity-based equipment such as electronic lights, control panels, terminals, and even the helmets of UPSILON Mercenaries. The speed of the hack depends on the signal of the wireless hack, with the signal depending on the distance that the user has away from the hacking target. When hacking objects like simple lights, this process is instantaneous and only requires the user to be within a certain range.

Besides hacking electronic-based objects in the environment, the Spy Hacking Device can be used to send very high-frequency signals to a certain area in order to destroy things like glass. This can allow the Spy to jump through the open window space where the glass has been broken.

Trivia Edit

  • While the Spy Hacking Device is similar to the OPSAT, the OPSAT isn't able to hack various objects like the Spy Hacking Device can, although there have been instances where the OPSAT helps Splinter Cell operatives hack certain things.
  • When hacking an object, the Spies use their fingers to press various 'buttons' positioned on the palm-side of the gauntlet.
  • The Spy Hacking Device is always located on the right arm of the Spies.

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