Victor Coste Splinter Cell Blacklist

Victor Coste provides over watch for Sam Fisher during an operation.

A sniper is a marksmen who operates alone, in a pair or in a sniper team, using a sniper rifle to identify and engage targets from a distance.

History Edit

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

During the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004, Georgian snipers were present at Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats during Kombayn Nikoladze and Vyacheslav Grinko's presence during the planned execution of the captured American soldiers. The courtyard, which was trapped with land mines, was secured with two spotlights and snipers who overlooked the courtyard. The snipers used the FPK/SPL Sniper Rifle to keep watch and stand guard during Sam Fisher's infiltration into the slaughter house facility.

2006: Indonesian Crisis Edit

In 2006, the Indonesian Crisis saw sniper use from both Displace International and the Darah Dan Doa, as well as other organizations and groups encountered by Third Echelon Splinter Cell agents. On the 28th of March, Sam Fisher had infiltrated the U.S. Embassy to East Dili following the attack on the embassy by members of the Darah Dan Doa, and personally by Suhadi Sadono. When Sam Fisher arrived in the courtyard, Irving Lambert contacted Sam and notified him that a sniper was overlooking the courtyard. The sniper was equipped with Night-Vision Goggles, causing Sam Fisher to shroud himself from the sniper's vision by moving in sync with the automated spotlights that lit the environment.

Displace International, along with CEO Douglas Shetland, responded to Suhadi Sadono's attack on the U.S. Embassy to East Dili by tracking him to a Darah Dan Doa camp in Komodo, Indonesia. With Third Echelon's cooperation (though without Displace knowing about Third Echelon), Displace had several sniper teams watch the camp. By Douglas Shetland's claim, his snipers had several opportunities to take out Sadono, but Sadono's 'life insurance policy' made him a high priority to Third Echelon to keep him alive. After Sam Fisher made an escape out of Sadono's villa, he was briefly held up by Darah Dan Doa soldiers. Displace snipers helped Sam out by taking out one of the Darah Dan Doa soldiers and providing a distraction.

2007: East Asian Crisis Edit

During the East Asian Crisis, Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher had utilized a Sniper Rifle Attachment for the SC-20K M.A.W.S. The Sniper Rifle attachment was used on various missions, with the capability to destroy the Unidentified North Korean UAVs that were used in the warzones of Seoul.

2008: Red Mercury Plot Edit

2012: Blacklist Attacks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Displace snipers during Sam Fisher's mission to tap Suhadi Sadono's phone are never seen in the game, with only a gunshot and dialogue indicating that they are around the camp.
  • Victor Coste was shown in the E3 2012 trailer as providing sniper support for Sam Fisher. This never happens during the final game, with Victor Coste only appearing in one mission and the post-credits cutscene.

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