"Sleeping gas releases a cloud of fumes to quickly put enemies to sleep." Manual

Sleeping Gas is oneirogenic general anaesthetic used to non-lethally knock out any person standing in the release zone. It is featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


Sleeping Gas is used to deal with opposition through means of stealth and without killing the intended targets. It's effects are rather quick, and will knock out targets for a long period of time, unless woken up by their allies.

IMPORTANT:  "Heavy" adversaries are immune to the effects of sleeping gas because they are wearing a gas mask, this also applies to enemies that wear comparable protective gear.

Sleeping Gas is available via three different weapons/gadgets:

  1. Crossbow Sleeping Gas "Bolt" (via upgrade)
  2. Throwable Sleeping Gas "Gadget"
  3. Sticky Camera Gadget (initiate gas while in "camera view")

Crossbow: The Crossbow can be equipped with Sleeping Gas bolts through purchase with enough points and can knock out multiple foes that are standing close together, works well with noisemaker bolt.

Throwable Gadget: When equipped, the device can be thrown to a specific location to release sleeping gas on impact.

Sticky Camera: The Sticky Camera can use Sleeping Gas once, producing a small radius of gas once released. You can produce distraction noises from the Camera to lure targets closer to the trap.


  • Using Mark & Excecute with a Crossbow and Sleeping Gas Bolts equipped, targeting a Heavy Infantry shoots their Gas Mask off, putting them to sleep. Making it easier, to Capture an HVT wearing a Gas Mask.

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