Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Location New Jersey, USA
Homeland Security has intelligence indicating a bomb terror threat is being staged in a remote agricultular rail facility.

Silo is Spies vs Mercs map in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Map Overview Edit

The Silo is an old rustic compound country facility in New Jersey. The compound consists of a Silo storage facility, a loading bay with trucks parked and a abandoned rail-road with some train carts standing still in the complex. One cart has C4 bombs stashed and a plan to attack New York.

Tactics Edit

Spies Edit

  • The vent tunnels are the safest point to cross along the silo.
  • In the train yard there are plenty of covers along the wall ledges, or by the carts, either above, in and on their ledges.
    • The trophy system can be put in the train carts or above.
  • In the Silo storage, there is a trench bellow that works as a hiding place.
    • Somewhere bellow can the trophy be placed.
  • There is a bridge that connects the loading bay and the storage, pipes above can hide the spies.
  • Do not use the ledges around frequently as Mercs will be looking above.

Mercs Edit

  • Mercs can climb the train carts via ladders.
    • Alter having mercs bellow and higher in the train-yard.
    • Place the Intel device in the train carts
  • Care when moving into the storage as the spies hide above and lower.
  • Careful when moving bellow and through the bridge as spies tend to hang around the ledge or pipes.

Gallery Edit

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