A Shielded Infantryman is a hostile type that appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Shielded Infantrymen are enemy soldiers that are equipped with a ballistic shield, providing them with additional protection. They can appear as Heavy Infantry using shields, as well.

Description Edit

Shielded Infantrymen, identifiable by their signature ballistic shield, are usually brought in in special conditions, typically when an intruder is in the premises (this is not always the case, however, as some missions show them guarding areas normally). Their main purpose is to draw attention off other units so that they can eliminate intruders, as Shielded Infantrymen do not use cover in the environment, simply using the shield. Shielded Infantrymen, despite being a rather effective unit, are not seen regularly.

Combat Edit

Shielded Infantrymen hold their shield upright and when they face their opponents, they expose little of their body making them a very effective defensive opponent. They work most effective when they have other regular infantrymen covering their position by potentially flanking the enemy. When players come to meet Shielded Infantrymen, it is advisable to take cover and attempt to flank them.

For Assault playstyle players, engaging Shielded Infantrymen from the front is possible: shooting the shield enough causes them to fall on their back, exposing them for a much clearer shot. This is also an opportune moment for players to quickly run behind them and perform a takedown, and take the shield.

For a more stealthy approach, Ghost and Panther players have multiple ways to deal with Shield Infantrymen. For Ghost players, use of gadgets - such as Sleeping Gas or Proximity Shocker devices can take out the Shielded Infantryman (as well as other units nearby). Another approach is to sneak up behind them and take them out with a hand to hand takedown. Panther players may have an easier time taking them out with a headshot from a distance, reducing risk of detection.

Trivia Edit

  • In Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Shielded Infantrymen make their first appearance; this marks the first Splinter Cell game with an enemy type that uses a ballistic shield for protection.
    • Almost all of them carry D50 as sidearm, but they will use shield as their weapon if player gets close enough.
    • In Blacklist, an achievement/trophy called "Hostile Shield Secured" is awarded to players that take down a Shielded Infantryman using hand to hand and taking his shield.

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