Were you looking for the Jin Mao Hotel, the setting this level takes place?

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Game Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Location Jin Mao Hotel, Shanghai, China
Date 06 February 2008 / 23:03 Chinese Standard Time
Depicts JBA Crisis / Red Mercury Plot

Shanghai is the fifth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher accompanies Emile Dufraisne to the Jin Mao Hotel in Shanghai, China to steal important documents from Dr. Aswat while Emile and Carson Moss meet with the doctor to discuss the purchase of Red Mercury.

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Sam Fisher takes control of the helicopter and lands it after the death of the pilot.

After hijacking the supertanker RSS Rublev in Eastern Russia, Emile Dufraisne of John Brown's Army and operative Sam Fisher went to the Jin Mao Hotel in Shanghai by Mi-8 so Sam could steal some notes from Dr. Aswat while Emile and Carson Moss met with the doctor to discuss the purchase of Red Mercury for use in creating nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, the pilot suffered a fatal heart attack due to an overdose of medication, forcing Fisher to take command of the helicopter before it crashed.


Fisher on a window ledge of the hotel.

After Moss and Emile departed to attend their meeting, CIA agent Hisham Hamza contacted Sam to give him his mission. Sam was to make his way across the rooftops and use a crane to rappel down to the outer walls of the hotel to find and record the meeting between Emile and Aswat with the laser microphone. While recording the meeting Sam was interrupted when Hisham warns him that a patrol helicopter with a spotlight was investigating the hotel exterior, at which point Moss closed the drapes on Sam. Sam slipped into the hotel through a window leading to the laundry room, making his way past Aswat's mercenary guards.


Fisher is extracted by a JBA helicopter that deploys a zip line into the window.

Sam made his way upstairs to the meeting room to sample the Red Mercury, which was kept in a secure safe. Then he made his way through the hotel's vast atrium to sneak into Aswat's room, #2406 and steal his notes which were kept in his safe. Fisher stole the notes, which contained information on how to produce Red Mercury and then awaited extraction by Emile. Emile and Moss came in by helicopter and blasted open the windows of Dr. Aswat's apartment. Hisham ordered Fisher to kill the doctor to prevent him from spreading his knowledge of Red Mercury to other clients. Fisher complied and killed Dr. Aswat and his bodyguards, allowing him to escape the hotel with the data he carried.

Trivia Edit

  • The helicopter only need to be stabilize by the player for a few seconds before the cutscene takes over.
  • This is the only time that Sam is seen flying helicopter, in rest of the series he flew drones.
  • After Fisher infiltrates the laundry room, if one goes to the elevators in the hallway beyond the room, they can find the bodies of two hotel workers. Evidently, they were murdered by the Pakistani mercenaries guarding the building during the meeting.
  • There is a hidden timer that starts shortly after Fisher reaches room 2406, he has to crack the safe and kill Dr. Aswat quickly, because the JBA helicopter will arrive and Fisher will lose trust if he let Emile wait. Its possible to fail the mission if Fisher takes too long.
  • If Fisher triggers an alert on the roof one guard will spot him as he rappels down from the crane. Hisham then appears and kills the guard to save Sam.
  • In this level it is possible to die but still complete the level, at the end the player has to jump up onto the zip line to the helicopter but if he/she misses then they will jump out the window to fall to the ground, it will say mission completed but the player will be able to hear Fisher screaming as he falls to his doom.
  • Before the recording is complete, no one in the meeting room will notice Fisher, even when Moss was looking at the window.
  • During the section where Fisher must use the elevators to move between the floors, it is possible to look down and see crowds of people gathered at the bottom floor counting down the Chinese New Year.