A security laser is revealed by using thermal imaging to expose the laser light.

Sam Fisher: "Lasers? Lasers are so..."
Anna Grímsdóttir: "Nineties?"
A security laser is a defensive security measure device that emits a constant laser beam used to detect any intruders that obstruct it. Once detected, security lasers either trigger the central alarm system they are connected to, alert nearby hostiles to an intruder's position, or both.


Security lasers are used to secure rooms, walkways and even stairs by being positioned in a way that will detect intruders who trip the laser beam. The laser beam from each of the security lasers can either be seen with the naked eye or using Thermal vision or Sonar vision (depending on the security laser type). Security lasers can activate different types of security measures, depending on the system they are connected to (like simply triggering an alarm, or activating a turret defense system). Some security officers or soldiers may wear specially calibrated IRF (Impulse Response Function) chips in their uniform to temporarily disable nearby security lasers.

Gameplay Edit

Security lasers can be bypassed using a variety of different methods, depending on the player. In the first Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, security lasers could only be bypassed by evading them by using the environment, or by the player timing their movements (if the security lasers moved along the wall, for example). In some missions, it was possible to disable some security lasers by using a computer. In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, security lasers could be disabled for 15 seconds if the player used their Optically Channeled Potentiator on the security devices that emit the laser beam. Some missions had the guards weap IRF chips stitched in their uniform, meaning the player could either follow behind them or neutralize them and use their body. In Splinter Cell: Conviction, the sonar goggles were able to detect security lasers hidden through the level. The security lasers themselves usually emitted a high-pitched noise depending on the player's proximity from the laser beams, unlike the previous games, the closer the player is to the laser, the pitch will go higher, until it detects the player and alarm goes off. The security lasers in Splinter Cell: Blacklist are represented by a red visible laser, and its attributes are identical to the ones seen in Conviction. They can be disabled, like the ones in Conviction, by a guard's body if the player carries them through.



  • Security lasers have appeared in every Splinter Cell title to date.
  • They are specifically referenced by Sam Fisher and Anna Grímsdóttir during a conversation during the Bank level in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
  • In Splinter Cell: Conviction, if an enemy is killed and their body is left next to a security laser, the laser will still be activated unlike in previous titles.

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