Originally designed as a waste management system to supplement New York's trashcans and landfills, the Schermerhorn Waste Management facility has fallen into disrepair. Its grungy, dank underground tunnels and dilapidated rooms can hide spies, but that doesn't make this map any easier for SHADOWNET. In fact, it's probably the toughest map since there are only two ND133 canisters - and they are both in the same room!

It doesn't matter that the spies camp the water room and blow up anything that moves; you will need some good stealth skills and a bit of luck to pilfer the glowing green rods.

From the insertion point, the spies can drop down the main shaft, take the straightaway, and climb up the middle ladder in the underground room. This takes them to the air duct in the subway station. Following the Enhanced Reality display, you can navigate the quiet way to the water room. Another possibility is to come up from the shadows on the basement floor and try to grab the second ND133.

Similar to the map strategies for the first map, you may need two SHADOWNET teams to take the ND133s: one to distract and the second to grab. As soon as you have a canister, make a break for a ladder or a small passage you can climb into. Remember, the mercenaries can't climb after you.

While playing the mercenaries, forget about moving around too much. Unlike other maps where you have to cover a lot of ground to prevent theft, the spies have to come to you on this one. Camp a guy at each ND133, usually hidden out of sight but within shooting range to pick off the unsuspecting. You cal also stake out the corridors and doorways leading into the water room. The only reason to leave the area is to chase after a spy with a canister.

TIP - In the water room, one mercenary should watch each ND133 at all times. If a spy darts for the device, fire a grenade at the ND133 and charge in after the explosion.


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