The SCAR-H is a battle rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction and can only be acquired for use by the player via Uplay for 20 Uplay points. This weapon will not affect the Weapons Collector Achievement. It has two marks and a thirty round magazine. The rifle has a slightly slower rate of fire but with high accuracy maintained at longer ranges, and its damage per round is high as well, its long range performance is better than AK-47 and G36C. With the 4x Scope upgrade, the SCAR-H is not ideal for stealth approaches, but good for last resort (if your cover is blown) or long range firefights.


"Built for rough conditions, the SCAR-H deals far range damage while keeping accurate."


The following three upgrades are available for the SCAR-H:

4X ScopeEdit

The 4X Scope quadruples the weapon's zooming capability, and increases range.

Cost: 300 PEC Points

Laser SightEdit

The Laser Sight increases the accuracy of a weapon and improves aiming assistance.

Cost: 250 PEC Points

Match Grade AmmoEdit

Match Grade Ammo is optimized to slightly increase the range of bullets.

Cost: 250 PEC Points


  • The SCAR-H in Conviction is modeled after the "3rd generation SCAR-H CQC" (Close Quarters Combat), which has a 13" barrel, but its pistol grip design is that of the original 1st generation model submitted to the USSOCOM SCAR trials.
  • The SCAR-H is the first weapon in Splinter Cell series that needs Uplay points to unlock, more equipments in Conviction and Blacklist has to be unlocked this way.

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