Note the SATCOM satellite image just above the player's objective bar, located on the HUD.

The SATCOM was a OPSAT feature that took satellite information, identified hostiles, and tracks them on the satellite image by representing them by either yellow or red dots, depending on their current state.

Overview Edit

Once activated, a small real-time satellite image would appear over the objectives bar on the player's HUD, and notify the player of any nearby hostiles. Hostiles who are not currently alerted by the player's presence are seen as yellow dots on the player's map, while hostiles who are suspicious and alerted to the player are marked as red dots. The SATCOM did have some drawbacks, however: the satellite feed would distort and become impossible to read if the user is moving around. Additionally, the refresh rate isn't perfect so movement would appear as having long framerate refresh.

Trivia Edit

  • Something similar to the SATCOM, the Radar, appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist with some advantages and disadvantages over the SATCOM.
  • The SATCOM only appears in one Splinter Cell title.

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