"My skin is impenetrable to steel! I am fearless! I am Red Nishin!"
― Red Nishin bathhouse patron[src]
The Red Nishin were a Japanese yakuza gang that operated in Tokyo, Japan in 2007, during the East Asian Crisis.

History Edit

2007: East Asian Crisis Edit

The Red Nishin operated in the Shinjuku District Bathhouse during a critical meeting point between Displace International's CEO and founder Douglas Shetland met with Japanese ISDF member Kaneda in order to discuss their ongoing deals. The Red Nishin's presence in the Bathouse was initially believed by Third Echelon to mean that they were the ones meeting with Displace International, but it turns out that it was actually the ISDF - who Third Echelon had been working with the entire time.

During Sam Fisher's infiltration into the bathhouse in order to investigate who Displace International was meeting with, Francis Coen had contacted Third Echelon for a favor for Sam to plant listening bugs in the phone panels of the bathhouse in order to eavesdrop on important Red Nishin patrons that operated and conversed in the bathhouse.

Trivia Edit

  • "Red Nishin" means, literally "Red Herring" in Japanese.
    • This was pointed out by Sam Fisher when he grabbed a Red Nishin bathhouse patron and interrogated him for information. Despite pointing it out, the man still didn't understand what Fisher was getting at.
  • The Bathhouse's owner is a high-ranking member of Red Nishin, revealed by searching the drawer or access the computer in owner's room.

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