"Then why am I looking at images of Red Bear on TV?!"
CIA officer during a phone conversation.[src]

The Red Bear Army Community Hospital was a military hospital that was one of several locations affected by the information attack from Georgia under Kombayn Nikoladze during the Georgian Information Crisis. With the attack, power was affected and resulted in multiple deaths.

Overview Edit

The term "Red Bear" was first mentioned in a data stick found by Sam Fisher during his infiltration onto the GFO Oil Rig, where an email contained a message from an individual named "K M" to Canadian computer technician Philip Masse. "K M" designated the subject "Red Bear" and gave a report to Masse about how, "Red Bear is ready to launch" and said that the backup generator "proved to be no problem at all". Within hours of the destruction of the GFO Oil Rig by NATO forces, the information attack commenced, with the Red Bear Army Community Hospital having its power knocked out, resulting in the deaths of many patients on life support.

Trivia Edit

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