Sam Fisher rappelling in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Rappelling (also called abseiling) is the act of controlled descent using rope or cable down the side of a surface, such as rock or urban buildings.

Description Edit

Rappelling, essential among climbers, is used to descend a person down to a lower level. Primarily, a cable or rope is connected or tied around a stationary and secure object, allowing the person to connect the other end of the rope or cable to a secured position on themselves. This allows the person to safely descend down the face of a large structure, whether it be a rock or building.

In the Splinter Cell series Edit

In the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series, rappelling is used as a tactical measure to penetrate a room or area by non-conventional means. The player is able to rappell down the side of buildings, and even environmental cliffs, using predetermined spots activated in the environment. When rappelling, the player can only ascend or descend in a straight line with no deviation. The player can speed their descent by pressing the jump button, but doing this not only generates noise but will shatter glass (also called 'breaching'). The player is also able to aim and fire their weapon, but cannot do any other action besides holster their weapon while doing this.

Trivia Edit

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