"Sophisticated sensors track assets and hostiles during missions."
― Description text[src]
Radar is an object-detection system designed to monitor an area, with the maximum detection distance depending on what type of equipment is used. Radar allows for users to detect objects that they wouldn't normally see, as well as providing information pertaining to the immediate area.

Overview Edit


Main article: SATCOM

The SATCOM was a feature in the Third Echelon OPSAT that appeared in 2008, and was used by Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher during his undercover operation within John Brown's Army during the Red Mercury Plot. The SATCOM was very sophisticated, able to identify enemies and track them, despite the user being in severe weather or inside a building.

Fourth Echelon Radar System Edit

In 2012 during the Blacklist Attacks, Fourth Echelon used an advanced radar system that was able to identify both secondary objective locations (such as High-Value Targets, Dead Drops, and Blacklist Laptops) as well as able to tag and track hostile enemies. Hostile forces appeared on the radar system as either red blips or red arrows, indicating which way the hostile is currently facing. Unlike the 3D Map system and the SATCOM system used by Third Echelon previously, the 4E Radar System doesn't need to refresh itself, instead works in real time. Additionally, the radar is not affected by movement.

Trivia Edit

  • The Radar used in Splinter Cell: Blacklist was the first on-screen radar in the series that appeared on the player's HUD. Among one of the many customizable features in the game, players were able to toggle the radar on or off in the options menu.

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