"Proximity Mines will attach to any surface they touch, and automatically detonate when an enemy gets too close."
― in-game description[src]
The Proximity Mine is a motion-sensor, anti-personnel land mine gadget. Unlike many other explosive land mine devices, the Proximity Mine doesn't use pressure-sensitivity to detonate its explosives, but is based on a motion detection sensor integrated on the mine.

Overview Edit

The Proximity Mine uses the plastic explosive C-4 with a motion sensitive detonator connected to it, while the outer surface of the it is able to stick to various areas. Deadly, and extremely loud, the Proximity Mine is is best used to neutralize various enemies within its radius of effect. With its loud explosive sound output, it is best used during combat situations or for ambushing the enemy themselves.

The Proximity Mine functions similarly to the Remote Mine but has several key differences; one of which is that the mine automatically detonates when a non-friendly character moves within close range of the device (as opposed to remote detonation). Another difference is that the Proximity Mines have the ability explode individually, whereas Remote Mines always detonate simultaneously.

Due to the fact that all other explosive gadgets have a delayed detonation when thrown, a commonly used tactic is to throw a Proximity Mine directly at an enemy where it will explode on impact with a body or surface, or use this as a defensive weapon to cover ambush spots. But unlike Proximity Shocker, Proximity Mines will attract a lot of attention, so it may be best for players to avoid using it when they are not detected.

Statistics Edit

Effect Radius: 5

Upgrades Edit

There are two upgrades available for the Proximity Mine:

Radius Upgrade (1) Edit

The conversion kit increases the radius of the gadget's effect to 6

Radius Upgrade (2) Edit

The conversion kit increases the radius of the gadget's effect to 7

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Proximity Mine is Splinter Cell: Conviction uses C-4 as a means of explosive, as evidenced by its model during the game: red lettering on the outer shell reads "C-4".
  • The Proximity Mine in Conviction is different than the type used in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The one in Blacklist is flat, similar to a pressure sensitive land mine, while the one in Conviction is round and about the size of a softball.

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