[Russian Airspace]

[November 12th, 2004 05:59 hours]

(Sam Fisher and Frances Coen are aboard the Osprey. Sam is attempting to connect to Samuel Fisher Residential on a secure line.)

Lambert: (through Sam's earpiece) Fisher, it's time we talked about the Ark.

Sam: What is it?

(Sam cancels the connection)

Lambert: What Nikoladze wants most in the world, and what we're going to catch him by.

Sam: That's all we know?

Lambert: We know the Ark is hidden somewhere inside the Georgian Presidential Palace. And we know Varlam Cristavi is letting him take it.

Sam: Who's Cristavi?

Lambert: The new President of Georgia. Pushed into power by our friends at the CIA.

Sam: It doesn't make sense.

Lambert: We'll do the thinking. Your primary mission in Georgia will be Nikoladze. We get him, and the game's over, good guys win.

Coen: Were you talking to Lambert?

Sam: Yeah. How soon before we touch down in Georgia?

(Sam resumes making the connection)

Coen: We don't. You'll be making a HALO jump.

Sam: (sarcastic) Goody.

Sarah Fisher: (on the phone) Dad? Is that you?

Sam: Sarah? It's good to hear your voice.

Sarah: Are you coming home? The TV said you guys beat Nikoladze.

Sam: It's not that simple.

Sarah: (disappointed) So, you're not coming home.

Sam: No honey, not yet. But soon.

End cutscene.


[November 13th, 2004]

Morris Odell: A collective sigh of relief, as the US return to a state of amicable diplomacy with China. The swift action of the CIA and Chinese intelligence revealed a splinter faction of the Chinese Military covertly supporting the Georgian Information Crisis.

Morris Odell: ...declaring a national day of mourning for those lost in the Georgian Information Crisis.

Morris Odell: ...confirms the consummate defeat of Kombayn Nikoladze's cyber warriors. The acts of information terrorism have come to an end. And in a special ceremony later today, President Bowers will be issuing an official 'thanks' to the CIA, FBI, and US Special Forces for their role in bringing an end to the crisis.

Morris Odell: Though his whereabouts are still unknown, Kombayn Nikoladze is essentially powerless.

President Bowers: We have torn off the scorpions claws, we have severed his tail, and he cannot stay hidden for long.

End News.

In Game:

(Sam begins from the exterior side of the Presidential Palace in Georgia. He is walking through the exterior walls and narrow paths.)

Irving Lambert: (Radio) Welcome back to Georgia, Fisher. Our cleanest path to the Ark is President Cristavi's records. Details on your OpSat.

Sam Fisher: What if Cristavi gets in my way?

Lambert: Don't touch him. He's copacetic with the CIA. If Cristavi dies, the mission's over.

(Sam navigates through narrow paths and ledges where he climbs on pipes moving on higher ground. A bell is heard clanging twelve times. He climbs on a pipe that leads him to a garden. Guards are patrolling the garden with dogs and a tower lies ahead with a sniper moving a spotlight. He intercepts a random communique.)

Guard1: Avtandil. Why don't you clean up after your dog?

Guard2: Who is that? Get that damn spotlight out of my eyes you filthy sniper.

Guard3: Avtandil, Bandry. Keep the chitchat off the airwaves.

Guard1: Yes, Sir.

Guard2: Sorry, Sir.

(Sam climbs the railings and bypasses the guards heading through a pathway with a small hedge maze, reaching the other side with a fountain and a gateway standing in front of him. He infiltrates through the door and enters the Palace. He moves through a gallery room with paintings, a few exhibit items and couple of guards with lasers protecting the room. He heads to hallway with a staircase and climbs up then goes to another room with a balcony looking the from the second floor. He notices a few people wearing tactical gear.)

Sam: Those aren't palace guards. Some kind of special forces.

Lambert: Georgian Elite, Probably Cristavi's men. Which would suggest Nikoladze is local.

Sam: Does that affect my game?

Lambert: No, find those interrogation files. And Cristavi's men aren't going to be much friendlier than Nikoladze's. You're authorized for lethal force.

(Sam heads forward, hearing some Elites talk.)

Elite1: I helped too. They had a different interrogator. A different team for a different subject.

Elite2: You were subject to one of Nikoladze's colonel's too?

Elite1: Yes.

Elite2: What were they asking?

Elite1: About something called the Ark. I couldn't make sense of it.

Elite2: Cristavi doesn't want anyone to know about it.

Elite1: Except himself.

Elite2: He obsesses over it. Sits up there on the fourth floor, just watching the files, over and over again.

Elite1: Jesus. I would never want to see or think of it again. The things we did for dead information.

(Sam heads one level higher and enters through the door with a keypad, heading through a large hallway with glass displays furniture and a stairwell going down to a locked door. He heads along the hallway with the patrolling guards going back and forth and sneaks into the empty hallway on his left and goes through Cristavi's office bypassing a laser beam.)

Elite3: President Cristavi, Sir, is that you? Nikoladze and his men are almost at the library. We are continuing the fallback until we're actually inside t... Sir?

(Sam sneaks to the desk and patches on a laptop.)

Lambert: I hate this kind of thing.

Sam: What do you have?

Lambert: Interrogation, torture, and... Oh, Christ.

Sam: What?

Lambert: The Ark is a SADM.

Sam: A what?

Lambert: A Special Atomic Demolitions Munition.

Sam: You mean a nuclear suitcase bomb?

Lambert: Yeah, I'll get back to you.

Lambert: The Ark is the mission, Fisher. Get it. It's in a safe inside a vault in the library, locked by scanner to Nikoladze's retina.

Fisher: So I'm going to need Nikoladze alive to get the Ark.

Lambert: That's right.

(Sam heads back out through the hallway and pushes forward on a double door and deeper into the hall. He enters through another hall were dead bodies are found killed by Elite. Sam intercepts another radio chat.)

Elite4: We've reached the library, Nikoladze is inside. Everybody at alert, we're retrieving the Ark. Be ready to get out of here.

(Sam heads through the hall to find himself near an elevator in the middle of heavily patrolled room. He gets inside and descends down to the library, while picking up an alert message.)

Elite5: (Radio) We have an intruder! Some kind of American Commando. Get Nikoladze into the vault, keep his head down until we take care of this!

(Sam gets out from the elevator as Elites raid the library to hunt fisher.)

Elite6: Move! Get out of the way!

(Sam gets rid of the Elites and heads down to the basement stairwell. He picks up more chatter.)

Elite7: ...been betrayed! They've turned on us! Cristavi's men have opened fire! We need back...

(Sam heads to the fire side of the basement and finds Kombayn Nikoladze standing alone.)

Kombayn Nikoladze: Did you kill him?

(As Sam heads closer.)

Nikoladze: My god! Who are you?

(If Sam stands idle.)

Nikoladze: What are you doing, what do you want from me? You are American? Have you come to kill me?

Nikoladze: Talk to me, goddammit. I'll give you anything you want. Just let me walk away.

Nikoladze: What do you want! What do you want from me?

Nikoladze: Fine, then we wait in silence. You are dead man, without my help

(Upon going closer, Nikoladze attempts to move away from Fisher helpless. Sam manages to grab him.)

(If he Interrogates him.)

Sam: Tell me about the Ark.

Nikoladze: Let me walk away. I can make you rich.

Sam: I know what it is. I wanna know where it came from.

Nikoladze: This gets you nowhere.

(If Sam interrogates more.)

Sam: What are you going to do with it?

Nikoladze: With what?

Sam: The Ark. Where are you going to detonate it?

Nikoladze: Kill me, or let me go. What you're doing now is pointless.

(If Sam interrogates even more.)

Sam: Tell me about the Ark.

Nikoladze: This is puerile. I'll say no more.

(Sam forces Nikoladze on the scanner to unlock the vault. Elites start to raid the basement.)

Elite8: Nobody move. Hands in the air.

Elite9: Nobody move, nobody move!

(Sam pulls Nikoladze and lets him go as Elites are holding him at gunpoint and Nikoladze goes to the Elites.)

Elite8: Kombayn Nikoladze. And who's your friend? An American?

Nikoladze: Ask him.

Elite8: You will give us the Ark.

Nikoladze: I am not God.

Elite8: You will GIVE US the Ark.

Nikoladze: I honestly don't know what you are speaking of.

Elite8: Cristavi knows. It is a nuclear suitcase bomb. And he knows you have it.

Nikoladze: Ah, clever man. Does he know that it is already in America?

Elite8: What?

Nikoladze: The Ark is not here.

Elite8: Keep talking.

Nikoladze: The only thing in this vault is the activation key. The bomb itself is in America. If Cristavi guarantees my freedom, I'll tell him where to find the Ark.

Elite8: Give us the activation key.

Nikoladze: This spy has the key. This American. You'll have to take it from him. I can give you the location. But only on the condition of my safety and freedom.

Elite8: Agreed. You two, escort Mister Nikoladze out of the library.

(Nikoladze and two Elites leave the library while the rest of them are keeping Fisher at gunpoint.)

Elite8: You. Who are you?

Lambert: Don't talk, Fisher. We're arranging for a blackout in five seconds. Make the most of it.

Elite8: Give us the key to the Ark. You can hand it to me, or I can take it from your corpse. You have five seconds to decide. Four seconds. Three, two..

(The lights shutdown as the Elites became confused.)

Elite10: Who's there?


Elite10: Who did that?

(Sam manages to escape the library from the Elites.)

Lambert: Fisher, we can't let Nikoladze walk away.

Sam: You think he really knows where the Ark is?

Lambert: Yes. We can't let him live with that information.

(Sam heads outside the library in a garden with hedges and a fountain, intercepting a radio chat.)

Guard: An intruder, an American, a spy is loose in the building. All troops to full alert.

(Sam sneaks through the garden to the farthest side, heading to a pipe leading to a second floor walkway.)

Guard: The American is carrying intelligence vital to the safety of our nation. His capture or death is out highest imperative.

(Sam has now a vantage point viewing Nikoladze speaking to Cristavi in his office. Sam could laser mic the chat.)

Lambert: Let me be as clear as possible. Snipe Nikoladze from there. Do it now. Don't miss. You probably won't get a second chance at this.

(Sam uses his SC 20K and snipes Nikoladze directly, shooting him on the head.)

Lambert: Sharp work, Fisher. It's time to get scarce. That data you're carrying is the last of it.

Sam: The last of what?

Lambert: Nikoladze's threat against the US. Our highest priority right now is keeping what you're carrying out of enemy hands. The Ospreay's waiting.

(Sam leaves the garden through a door going to a dining/meeting area. He intercepts an alert.)

Guard1: Shots fired in Cristavi's office!

Guard2: What's Cristavi's status?

Guard3: Cover President Cristavi!

Guard1: Get the president to a secure location!

Guard4: ..assassin in the palace. I need all men..

Guard4: ...possible multiple shooters.

Guard3: Direct order from President Cristavi, find the assassin.

Guard3: ...don't let the shooter leave the palace.

Guard3: ...use lethal force. The assassin is top priority.

Elite9: Where's Nikoladze? Who's guarding Nikoladze?

Elite10: ..unconfirmed report that Nikoladze has been shot..

Elite11: Nikoladze is dead! Repeat, Nikoladze is down!

Elite9: ..Find the assassin.

(Guards are checking behind the dining area at a kitchen.)

Guard5: The kitchen and dining hall are clear, the assassin vanished.

Guard6: All troops to full sweep for the American spy; he must be captured or killed at any cost.

(Sam sneaks through the dining area and notices the door in front of him using the snake cam, has Elites aiming at it, presumably he will go through. Instead he climbs up the bookcase and on the top balcony heading to main room he came from earlier and goes out the main entrance.)


(Sam runs through the garden he came from as the Osprey hovers about, while a guard is shooting. He reaches the Osprey unscathed and flies away.)


[November 19th, 2004]

Morris Odell: An eight-story apartment building and surrounding 4 blocks in Hope's Gate, Maryland were evacuated today by the National Guard. Authorities cited a gas leak as the reason for the evacuation, stressing that today's events had no relation whatsoever to Kombayn Nikoladze or the Georgian Information Crisis. Hope's Gate, less than half an hour from downtown Washington D.C., will...

Morris Odell: ...since the recovery and confirmed identity of President Kombayn Nikoladze's corpse five days ago. Palace guards fatally shot President Nikoladze in the midst of what appears to have been an attempted ousting of acting president Varlam Cristavi. In a press conference this morning, US President Bowers lauded the American people for their courage.


(Sam and Sarah Fisher are watching President Bowers' speech at home on TV.)

President Bowers: We were injured, we stumbled, but we did not fall. The world knows no hardship or terror that American tenacity cannot overcome.

(While watching, Sam can't help but to crack a smile.)

President Bowers: The world knows no problem that American ingenuity cannot solve.

(Sam begins to laugh)

Sarah: Dad, what's so funny?

President Bowers: And so I extend my deepest admiration to every US citizen of the world. To every civilian and every soldier standing firm against the terror and tyrannies of wicked men: history will not forget your resolve.

(Sam laughs again.)

President Bowers: History will not forget your resolve.

Sarah: Dad, what's going on? You haven't laughed since the Reagan administration.

Sam: It's nothing, forget about it.

(The phone rings. Sarah starts to get up.)

Sam: That's the secure line, honey. It's for me.

Sarah: Oh.

President Bowers: We have kept the bright flame of American freedom burning throughout the world. May God clear our vision and strengthen our minds for the work to come. And may God bless America.

(Sam mutes the TV and goes to get the phone.)

Sarah: You're not leaving again, are you dad?

(Sam picks up the phone.)

Sam: Hello, Lambert.

Roll credits.

End Game.