"You'll also find something I borrowed from a buddy over at DARPA. It's a portable EMP generator, low-intensity and short range. The bag's shielded, so you can stash your gear in there. But hit the trigger and you'll fry everything around you that uses juice."
Victor Coste describes the Portable EMP to Sam Fisher.[src]

The Portable EMP is an EMP device designed to be both mobile for the user, as well as effective against nearby electrical objects. 


The Portable EMP with a short range, low intensity EMP generator that is capable of disabling electronics without damaging them, similar to he Optically Channeled Potentiator. When activated, the Portable EMP disables electronics in a large radius around the player and stuns enemies. The player may then use the darkness and confusion to make quick escape - or launch an attack. Once used, the enemies will be alerted to the player's presence, whether they are affected by the EMP blast radius or not.


  • The backpack that contains the Portable EMP is a modified version of the 5.11 Tactical® Select Carry Sling Pack.
  • As there would be little use for the backpack after the massive EMP attack on Washington D.C. near the end of the campaign, Fisher discards it for a black bulletproof vest given to him by Victor Coste.
  • The Portable EMP equipped by Archer and Kestrel are much smaller than the one Sam carries, suggest the Third Echelon has its own varient of such equipment.
    • Since the Third Echelon stole the EMP technology from Russia, its possible Voron has comparable equipment.
  • Enemies affected by EMP will be stunned for a brief period, only the enemy close by will be affected, this may lead to alarm in some occasions.

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