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Part 1: Burning Building Edit

You'll start the mission off in the courtyard of an apartment complex. Begin moving towards the north-east of where you are facing and you will find a ladder. Climb it until you reach the top and you will notice a trap door on the top of the roof. Open the trap and hop down, making your way to the opposite side. You'll come out to a small vertical shaft with an opening above. Climb the lone pipe to the top and you will find a burning building on the opposite side of the street. Jump under the zip line to grab onto it, and ride it down to the open window.

Once inside, Anna Grímsdóttir will walk you through how to find Thomas Gurgenidze (the CIA contact). Head out of the room and immediately turn left (the room Grim tells you to walk in will cause the floor to collapse). Follow the hallway and take the first doorway to the left then follow through until you get to the stair well. Travel down the stairs, avoiding the fire, until you come to a large section of the floor destroyed. Climb the above pipe running down the hallway and move across the fiery pit. Drop down, take a left and talk to Gurgenidze, who is trapped beneath some rubble. After talking to him, turn around, across the hallway and open the door. The room is filled with black smoke. You can either shoot out the skylights, or stick to the right side of the wall (hugging the wall) and open the door to the right.

Part 2: T'blisi Old Town Streets Edit

Open the door ahead of you and follow the catwalk right, then left. There will be an opening in the railing with another walkway on the opposite side. Jump over it, take a right and follow the path until you see a lattice fence. Follow through, very slowly, and it will open on the right, you should hear one of Grinko's Mafioso guys talking on his cell phone. There are two options you can take here: You can knock out the guy talking on his phone, wait for the other Mafioso member to come and knock him out as well. The other option is to simply sneak past the first guy, wait by the window until the other guy is nearing the door, open the window and climb through it, avoiding confrontation.

Whichever option you choose, walk through the living room (with the huge TV screen), up the stairs and take a left. If you look in the bathroom, there should be a Medical Kit you can grab. Continue down the hallway to the very last room on the right and head through there. Look for the painting to the left of the doorway you came in and slide it open (a 'slide open' option will appear). Use the computer, obtaining the code to the keypad lock for the door, and turn around. Activate the keypad lock and put in '091772'. Open the door, head left and jump onto the railing. Jump up onto the zip line, which will take you to a rooftop on the opposite side of the street. Walk up the shingles, look to the left and you'll see a door. Open the door, take a right, then drop down the elevator shaft (by jumping on the center cables), land on the surface bellow (be careful not to fall from too high a height). Open the trap door, and drop down into the elevator.

You will then be notified that you are given the green light to use Fifth Freedom on the corrupt police officers. Walk straight out of the elevator and look to your left, you'll see a door at the top of some wooden steps. Use the Lock Pick Kit on the door to unlock it, then keep walking through. You'll come to some stairs, an alleyway with a drunk civilian sitting on a bench. Two T'blisi police officers are harassing him. Behind them is a set of stairs. Walk down about halfway down the stairs, then face where the police officers are (while you face the wall). Jump onto the railing and move right until you get to the corner. Climb up on the corner area and hide in the foliage. Look around the corner and you should see one of Grinko's Mafioso patrolling. Hide in the shadows until his patrol route takes him the opposite direction, then quickly move up the stairs and into the next courtyard area. You'll notice a water fountain in the center. Move across to the other side of the fountain, you should see plants in a small corner with a small crawlspace in the corner. Crouch walk through the small passageway and you'll find Blaustein's dead drop. Inside is a box of 5.7mm ammunition and two Medical Kits. Use the computer, which will get you the code to the police station, then leave the way you came in.

The gates to your right will be open, with a police officer now walking around the small courtyard. Sneak past him, then head through the gates. A civilian will be ahead: you can either avoid him entirely or knock him out, and hide his body in the shadows. Keep sneaking through the alleyway until you see two dumpsters on your right, with the path taking a sharp right turn. Hide between both of the dumpsters until the police officer comes through and looks around. He'll turn around and continue his patrol, shadow him, keeping to the darkness, until the path takes you to an opening to the right. Wait for the guard (who comes from the left) to pass by. Look towards where he is going and climb the pipe on the lattice to the right. Walk across the top of the lattice until you get to the end, you should see the guard now stationary below. Drop onto his head to knock him out, then hide his body in a dark area. Continue left from where you dropped on the guard and you'll see the gate and wall leading to the police station. Climb onto the dumpster and wall jump, allowing you to climb to the top.

Part 3: Police Station Edit

You'll begin inside of the gates of the police station. Turn towards the building and walk towards it, take a right and you should see a staircase heading down. Head down the stairs and activate the keypad lock, enter in 5929. Before opening the door, use your optical cable to peek under the door. You'll see the cell area hallway, with a lone guard walking towards the opposite direction. You can either follow the police guard and knock him out / kill him in the separate room, or take a right and make your way down the hallway. Hug underneath the window ahead and head right, move quietly. If you look through the window to the morgue lab, you'll see the medical examiner inside of the lab. You can either grab him, interrogate him, then knock him out - or sneak into the morgue, shoot the security camera and investigate the bodies. Either way, you'll have to make it inside the morgue and view the bodies in order to confirm their identities.

Head out of the morgue lab, take a left and head up the stairs. Tread softly! Crouch and keep to the shadows, a civilian will walk in through the front doors and talk to the desk officer. Stick to the shadows (on the edges of the room), circling counter-clockwise until you meet a door. Open the door, take a left and head up the stairs - crouch and sneak as you come in, as two police officers are still in the room. Sneak north of your position, sticking to the right side of the room and keeping out of the line of sight of the guards. Open the door to the right, furthest in the back of the room. Sneak through the door, head right and knock out / kill the guard watching the security monitors. Activate the computer and you'll uncover Grinko's license plate number. With all the objectives complete, retrace your footsteps back to the police station's front desk and enter the doors opposite of the desk (the doors that the civilian entered in at). Head through the doors and you'll see the van that Wilkes is driving pull up. Walk up to the van and the mission will be completed.

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