Persistent Elite Creation (or P.E.C.) is a feature that allows players to earn points for certain actions that will allow them to unlock equipment, upgrades and uniforms in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.


P.E.C was first introduced in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown, which was released in 2005, as an exclusive feature for Microsoft's Xbox via Xbox Live. Players were able to use a single character that they were able to use in various multiplayer mode where they gain levels the more P.E.C. points they earn. For incentives for players to continue leveling up, rewards (new weapons or items) were given to players who completed certain conditions. The P.E.C. feature was brought back in there Rainbow Six: Vegas, where players would earn experience through various actions (such as headshots, certain amount of kills, etc.) in order to level up and unlock in-game items.

The P.E.C. feature makes a return in Splinter Cell: Conviction with various challenges for players to complete in order to earn more points they can spend on weapon upgrades, uniform and gadget upgrades. The challenges are split into three categories for players to complete, with many having three 'levels' or just one 'level.'

P.E.C. Challenges Edit

Unlike in the Rainbow Six games, players will not receive a small number of points for eliminating enemies or completing matches; they only get points from completing different P.E.C. challenges.

  • Death from above - Achieved by killing enemies with the "Death from above" maneuver.
  • Grab from ledge - Achieved by pulling enemies over ledges while hanging from walls or railings.
  • Environmental hazard - Achieved by killing enemies with objects in the environment such as explosive barrels or objects hanging from ceilings.
  • 5x Predator - Achieved by killing five enemies in a row without being detected.
  • 10x Predator - Achieved by killing ten enemies in a row without being detected.
  • Stealth headshot - Achieved by performing headshots on an enemy that is unaware of the player's presence.
  • Stunned - Achieved by eliminating enemies that have been stunned by a device.

There are many more challenges not listed here, which can be viewed from the pause menu in-game and in the Extras in the Main Menu.

Notification boxes Edit

Whenever a P.E.C. challenge is completed, a small notification box appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This box appears above the weapon and gadget HUD icons. This box contains the name of the challenge, the challenge's respective icon and a progress bar showing the number of actions required for the challenge that have been completed. Once the challenge has been completed, another notification box appears showing the name of the challenge, it's picture, the level of the challenge that has been completed and the number of points awarded for completing the challenge.

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A picture of The Co-op and Multiplayer "Edit-Your-Character"

Upgrades Edit

P.E.C. points are used to purchase upgrades for other weapons or armor. You can choose from three armor bonuses, three magazine additions, and three gadget additions. However, you can only choose three total between all of them.

Weapon upgrades Edit

Each weapon has three set upgrades which are permanent once purchased.

  • Reflex Sight - 400 points. The Reflex Sight increases a weapon's associated marks by 1.
  • Laser Sight - 250 points. The Laser Sight increases the accuracy of a weapon and improves aiming assistance.
  • Match Grade Ammo - 250 points. Match Grade Ammo is optimized to slightly increase the range of bullets.
  • 4X Scope - 300 points. A long range The 4X Scope quadruples the weapon's zooming capability, and increases range.
  • 2X Scope - 300 points. The 2X Scope doubles the weapon's zooming capability, and increases range.
  • Hollow point ammo - 250 points. Hollow Point Ammo is customized to slightly increase the damage per bullet.
  • Suppressor - 650 points. The Suppressor offers silenced gun fire and a decreased muzzle flash, for a stealthier approach.
  • Extended Mag - 300 points. The Extended Magazine offers a higher bullet capacity.

Trivia Edit

  • The P.E.C. system appears in three Tom Clancy titles, including Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  • After Splinter Cell: Conviction, the P.E.C. system didn't appear, being replaced by ShadowNet with a similar challenge system.

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