The People's Voice was a Peruvian guerilla organization based in Peru led by Hugo Lacerda in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


The "People's Voice" was a Peruvian separatist faction that advocated freedom from the current Peruvian government. Its ideology was deeply rooted in the communist policies of left-wing nations of the Americas that supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It preached information warfare as the only realistic means by which to achieve revolution in the modern world, and thus was eager to acquire those information warfare techniques that would allow them to achieve their goals.

The People's Voice had numerous contacts in the Western Hemisphere, many of them smugglers and financiers who supplied arms to Lacerda in return for various services. Among their many contacts were the bankers of MCAS Banco de Panama and Displace International, a corrupt American PMC. The People's Voice had abandoned its dependence on Cold War-era weaponry and would pay handsome sums for the more modern weapons that have been produced since the turn of the century. Because the People's Voice is affiliated with Displace in some way, the militia members have access to higher-tier weapon normally expected from a small-scale and cut-price armed force; like experimental AICW rifles, Heckler & Koch MP7A1s and M60A3s.


The People's Voice was founded by El Salvadoran pro-communist revolutionary Hugo Lacerda. It was a small terrorist organization of likely only a few hundred communist sympathizers, many of whom hailed from other Latin American nations. Being a fledgling organization, the People's Voice was highly dependent on its contacts to provide it with weapons and money to support its goals, and had yet to present itself as a true threat to the stability of Peru.

Although the guerillas of the People's Voice were unified if their cause to fight Western and democratic influences, they also shared a strong hatred for their leader, Lacerda. Lacerda was known to be verbally abusive towards his men and self-righteous to a fault. Some of his men even discussed the possibility of killing him, but ultimately relented due to their fear of him and his powerful contacts.

In June 2007, Lacerda was contracted by Displace International to kidnap and interrogate American computer engineer Bruce Morgenholt, who was known to possess valuable knowledge on how to operate the Masse Kernels utilized during the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004, in exchange of Displace's advanced weaponry. Morgenholt was under Displace's VIP Protection, but Displace contracted Lacerda to kidnap him as a cover for their true activities. Lacerda complied and swiftly kidnapped Morgenholt for interrogation at their base at the Ponta Blanco Lighthouse. Lacerda's soldiers tortured Morgenholt in the fortress and forced him to divulge his knowledge on the Masse Kernels to one of Lacerda's technicians. During this course of events, Third Echelon sent Splinter Cell Sam Fisher to assassinate Lacerda and rescue Morgenholt, only to find that Lacerda had fled and Morgenholt tortured to death. Fisher recovered whatever data on the Masse Kernels he could before moving on to pursue Lacerda.

After acquiring the data on the Masse Kernels, Lacerda fled to the Maria Narcissa and brought with him some protection from Displace International. He acquired control of the Captain's cabin and was protected by three foreign mercenaries. Despite the heavy guerilla presence on the ship, Fisher infiltrated the vessel and uncovered more about Lacerda's various dealings. He eventually found Lacerda himself and captured him when his back was turned. After a brief interrogation, Fisher executed Lacerda as a means of silencing him, ensuring that he could never spread his knowledge on the kernels to his sources. Fisher then fled the vessel to identify Lacerda's various contacts and to track down the Masse Kernels. After the death of Lacerda the group was disbanded.

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