(Sam is on top of the moving train from France in an open field at night. The Osprey just above his head. He moves into the following cart or the next one.)

Irvin Lambert: Looks like you're in position. Soth is still your first and only objective. We need you to conversate the man face-to-face. The Agency's got reams of data on him but the man's history is a school of red herrings. Nobody knows whether he's an U.S. agent or a terrorist.

Sam Fisher: Those things aren't mutually exclusive.

Lambert: Hippie. Until we know different, we're treating him as friendly. So don't blow his cover. Any alarms means mission over. If Soth sees you before you see him, the mission's over. Don't do to compromise him.

Sam: Does that include killing him.

Lambert: Yeah. Leave him alive, if you don't mind. Updates on your OpSat.

(Sam encounters a train inspector who is looking through a cage. If he grabs him, he can interrogate him.)

Sam: Do you speak English?

Train Inspector1: Yes.

Sam: Do it quietly. I'm looking Jonathan Pointdexter.

Inspector: He's in this car, cabin eighteen.

Sam: Is he alone?

Inspector: He's got friends but they are in different booths.

Sam: Good.

(If Sam continues to interrogate.)

Inspector: Please don't hurt me.

(Sam continues towards a trapdoor where he climbs down to the trains piping and scales forth to the next car. He climbs through the hatch and continues.)

Anna Grimsdottir: Another complication for you. Found the credit cards our man Pointdexter A.K.A. Soth used to buy the train tickets.

Sam: What's the complication?

Grim: Two seats in coach. Looks like you have a least two terrorists mixed with in with the civies in the cheap seats.

Lambert: But you are dealing with tight quarters, I wouldn't risk anything lethal, you don't have the room to maneuver if there are complications.

(Sam has two options, either move forward through the cart with the people or unlock the doors and shimming along the exterior of the train.)

(If Sam tampers with the lights.)

Civilian1: Hello, conductor? Does anybody know where the lights are?

(By going through the people, he can listen to two terrorists chat.)

Terrorist1: Hey, do you need anything?

Terrorist2: Anything for what?

Terrorist1: You know, anything from the bar.

Terrorist2: Shut up.

Terrorist1: What, nobody will hear.

Terrorist2: I am not worried about these people. But if the boss catches us talking, neither of us is walking off this train.

(As Sam moved to the next car, he goes near where Soth is.)

Lambert: Brunton's chums in the CIA came through for us.

Dermont P. Brunton: Soth's right leg has more prosthetics in it than Lee Majors.

Lambert: Apparently he had a disagreement with a landmine.

Sam: Might register different on thermal.

Lambert: Perfect.

(Sam goes to a hall where an inspector checks on a passenger.)

Train Inspector2: Monsieur, you requested earplugs?

Civilian2: Aah, yes.

Inspector2: I'm very sorry, but I couldn't find any. If your neighbor starts shouting again, please feel free to call me and I'll ask them to be quiet.

Civilian2: Thank you.

Inspector2: I am very sorry.

(The inspector leaves and Sam was able to find the cabin where Soth is. Once inside, he encounters a sleeping Soth with a laptop beside him.)

Sam: Wake-up Pointdexter.

(Soth wakes up.)

Norman Soth: First tell me, who are you?

Sam: I'm your uncle Sam. Come to make sure you're still one of the good guys.

Soth: How do I trust you?

Sam: Your name is Norman Soth. Ask me about the chestnut tree.

Soth: Ok fine. What are you doing here. If the men, I'm with catch us talking then they'll kill us both.

Sam: Then make your Sadono story fast.

Soth: It's an agency job. The Joint Chiefs want a military presence in Indonesia, I was part of the plan. That is all I can say.

Sam: Who's your runner?

Soth: Clifton Finch.

Sam: What about the Cryogenics lab?

(Suddenly there is a terrorist calling from the other side of the car cabin door.)

Terrorist3: Sir?

Soth: What is it now?

Terrorist3: You have a phone call.

Soth: (To Sam) Stay hidden and don't make a noise.

(Soth goes out of the car while Sam is hiding.)

Terrorist3: Sorry if I woke you... It's him.

Soth: Is this a French phone?

Terrorist3: We put the chip in just an hour ago.

Soth: Good, let's go to the bar car, I don't want to talk here.

(Soth leaves with the terrorist member.)

Sam: (To Lambert.) He was lying about his handler, wasn't he?

Lambert: Yeah. Finch's been on sick leave for six months. Hack the laptop now, and trail Soth, laser-mic that call. We still can't risk blowing Soth's cover.

(Sam hacks the laptop and follows Soth to the bar car.)

Lambert: Fisher, we need that phone call. Dime to a Dollar, he's talking to Sadono.

(Sam sticks into the shadows as he uses his laser-mic gadget and points at Soth.)

Soth: (On phone) It depends on our Mossad leak. I don't know eighty per cent, maybe ninety, I just have a bad feeling about this train. I think our cover's blown. Hold on... *He looks around then goes back to his call.* No it's just a feeling I have, I don't think it's safe to talk right now.... Ok, but make it fast. I'm glad, stay worried. Shin-Bet, are you kidding, I could barely believe Mossad much less. Of course, of course. Always assume they know what you're doing. Exactly. It's a joke. Right, my god I can walk. Four more days, tops, then you're bulletproof. It's not safe to talk now, I need to get off this train... No no I can't. It's not possible. Of course, till next time.

(The call ends and Soth leaves.)

Lambert: Good work. Grim?

Grim: Gimme a sec. Focusing on the Timorese Mambae for experiency's sake, the new translator will take a few seconds to catch up.

Sam: Take your time.

Grim: There. "Springfield Demonstration... eighty percent - plus fatalities... Custer would be proud".. What the hell does that mean?

Lambert: Nothing good. What about that?

Grim: Might be "Daily phone calls to delay release." Translator's still a little hinky.

Lambert: Right. We've got enough to work with. Get topside Fisher, we're pulling you out of there.

(Sam goes forward on the next car with a ladder and the engine of the train. He picks up an alert.)

Soth: (Radio) We've got visitors. Our cover's been blown! We're getting off the train, now!

(Sam notices some mercs are about to get him.)

Sam: (To Lambert) Talk to me about level of force.

Lambert: It's them or you.

(Sam goes up the ladder and out of the car above. An escape helicopter took notice and opened fire at him. He was forced to run through the cars to reach the Osprey who retaliated for Sam by shooting missiles at it, severely damaging it and knocking it off course. Sam had to grab the rope attached to the Osprey to ex filtrate.

End Game.

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