[March 28th, 2006]

Morris Odell: ...rescued from the US Embassy to Dili by Delta forces stationed at the nearby training grounds of the Timorese defense force. All but one of the hostages have been accounted for, though...

[March 29th, 2006]

Morris Odell: ...continued to voice protest at Japan's formation of an information self-defense force, promising sanctions of both...

[March 30th, 2006]

Morris Odell: ...responded to General Kellner's announcement of increased US military presence in East Timor with cautious support. Justifiably weary of the response from neighboring...

End news.

In game:

(Sam begins from below the sewers of Paris.)

Irving Lambert: Welcome to Paris. You'll have time for sightseeing later.

Sam Fisher: Thanks, Lambert.

Lambert: Grim extracted enough from Saulnier security systems to trace Mortified_Penguin's movements, but we don't know why, what he wants, or who he is.

Sam: Is he still inside?

Lambert: Hard to say, the man's cover is rock solid.

Sam: Are you saying he's CIA?

Lambert: If he is, he's under deeper cover than I've ever seen. We've got intel linking him to at least a dozen French-Syrian terrorists.

Sam: As 'Mortified_Penguin?'

Lambert: The email alias is all we've got. It's ridiculous but that's probably the point. Like the smiley face on a cobra's hood.

(Sam descends down into a unused subway tunnel with a stationary train parked. Another one passes at the adjacent tunnel out of sight. As Sam heads further through darkness and reach a blown tunnel leading into Saulnier labs. Two terrorists are talking.)

Terrorist1: What?

Terrorist2: What?

Terrorist1: I thought you said something.

Terrorist2: You're jumpy. Calm down.

Terrorist1: How long do you think it'll take them to find the Frenchman?

Terrorist2: What do you mean 'Frenchman'? We're all Frenchmen here.

Terrorist1: I mean the French Frenchman!

Terrorist2: The security guard?

Terrorist1: Yeah.

Terrorist2: I don't know. He must have found a pretty good hiding place if they still don't have him.

Terrorist1: I hope the others don't leave without us.

(Sam heads into the wrecked wall and into the Lab. He finds himself into an archive room bursting in flames. He took his gun to shoot the sprinklers in order to douse the flames and pushes through the archives.)

Lambert: Good, you're in. Grimsdottir suggests first accessing the security terminal on your floor so she can investigate network activity in the complex.

Sam: She can't do it remotely?

Anna Grimsdottir: No, the important files are off the grid. His case files says the founder was worried about the government stealing his client files when the apocalypse rolls around.

Sam: Paranoia-based security.

Lambert: That's our mantra.

(Sam passes through rooms with electronic hardware and files then reaches at an auditorium room. He then hears a voice behind some covers.)

Terrorist3: Search every inch of the auditorium, we never know.

(A squad of terrorists enter the room as they check all lengths of it. Sam sneaks by and enters another room. He picks a radio signal.)

Terrorist4: Confirmed. The basement is clear. I repeat, basement clear. I proceed now and destroy all the computers.

Lambert: Fisher, we need those access codes!

(If the terrorists are smashing most computers.)

Lambert: Hurry up! They're destroying our only chance to access the database.

(Sam subdues the terrorists inside the server room and he patches into a computer.)

Sam: I'm in.

Lambert: Great work, Fisher. What do we got, Grim?

Grim: Let's see... Mortified_Penguin cracked their system directories, looks like all of his attention was focused on the client databases.

Lambert: Meaning he was looking for specific frozen dead men. What do the client databases say?

Grim: Nothing from here, it's a separate network. Oh my god!

Sam: What!

Lambert: What!

Grim: The mercenaries just remote-triggered a bomb timer.

Sam: Where is it?

Grim: The signal is coming from the boiler room, further down the corridor.

(Sam heads near the corner and mercs leave the boiler room as they take a last look and Sam goes to enter it.)

(If Sam stalls.)

Grim: You don't have much time, hurry up.

(Once Sam interacts with the bomb.)

Sam: Ok, done.

Lambert: Well done. Now you can access the database. That's one floor up, and your next objective.

(Sam heads to the corner where a stairwell lies and heads up. He goes up near the database room and upon approaching, some mercs are shooting into the windows. As he navigates near the database room, he picks a radio signal.)

Mercenary: I found the guard on the security cameras. I think you were right, it looks like he's behind that big bolt-tight door. The label on the monitor says "Body Processing Room."

(Sam goes into the room avoiding the cameras and then activates the database.)

Sam: I'm inside the client storage database.

Grim: I'm tapped, taking a look-see. I see at least eight clients Mortified_Penguin pulled up in detail.

Sam: Anything in common?

Grim: All frozen in the last six months... and all cheapskates. They all booked economy tickets to the future, just their brains frozen. The low end storage device is called an ND133. Vacuum powered refrigeration.

Lambert: Where did Mortified_Penguin hit next?

Grim: Limited storage. It's where Saulnier stores all the ND133s.

Lambert: That sounds like your next objective, Fisher. Find us some French brains.

Sam: I won't promise anything.

Lambert: Do your best. Details on your OpSat.

(Sam heads out of the database to a keypad locked door and moves through a corridor to a staircase. He moves through Saulnier's main lobby and patches on a computer at the main desk, retrieving a code. He uses it on the keypad door behind the desk and enters through limited storage. The storage was in a mess with brains dropped on the floor.)

Sam: I've got your French brains, Lambert.

Lambert: So that's what happened to them.

Sam: Mortified dumped the clients and took the ND133.

Lambert: I guess we can assume he's not CIA if he's willing to murder.

Sam: Murder frozen organs? You can't murder the dead.

Lambert: Semantics. I think we've got a way to ID the Penguin. The security guard everyone's so excited about, his name is Francois Coldeboeuf. Our intercepts suggest he got a lucky picture of Mortified_Penguin with his cell phone, was wounded, and locked himself inside Body Processing.

Sam: Processing?

Lambert: Where they pull the brain out of the skull. Introduce yourself to Mister Coldeboeuf and get that phone.

(Sam moves through the storages and medical rooms where vapour shrouds the area. A turret is on the next room which he can shut down. He goes through a catwalk with more vapour and some cryo tubes near some large pillars. He can drop through an opening from the catwalk and shimmy silently to the side in order to avoid confrontation with the mercs, however he must avoid the pillars that dispense gas that proves lethal for Fisher. He intercepts a call.)

Mercenary2: I'm at the "Body Processing Room." and it looks like you were right. Norman said he wounded the guard and there's blood on the door handle. Don't stop searching the rest of this dungeon, but I'm gonna need some help to get past this door. It's built like a vault.

(Sam climbed past the mercs and enters through some more medical rooms until he finds a vent and climbs on it. A squad of mercs are attempting to shoot the door with SMGs.)

Terrorist5: Aim at the handle.

(A few shots later.)

Terrorist5: Stop! Stop! It's obviously not working.

Terrorist6: What would you suggest?

Terrorist5: I'm sure there's some kind of fuel in this place we could use.

Terrorist7: Take a look, we'll keep trying here. Maybe if we can't reach the guard, you can cook him.

(Sam moves through vent network with one path being blocked by deadly vapor and another leading into Body Processing. As he jumps down in the room, he finds a slumped Francois Coldeboeuf being scared and unable to move.)

Francois Coldeboeuf: Don't hurt me please, I'm just doing my job.

(Once Sam goes to speak to him.)

Sam: I'm not here to add to your troubles. Are you badly hurt?

Coldeboeuf: No. I'm living, I think. You are...?

Sam: I'm from the phone company. There's been a recall.

Coldeboeuf: What?

Sam: I'm gonna need to take your telephone.

Coldeboeuf: I... I'm very confused.

Sam: Give me the phone, Francis.

(Sam takes his mobile phone and finds the picture of Mortified_Penguin.)

Lambert: So that's Mortified_Penguin. Compliment Mister Coldeboeuf on his photography.

Dermont P. Brunton: We got a facial match off CIA databases. Norman Soth, U.S. Citizen.

Lambert: What's that I.D. code? Does it mean he's an Agency asset?

Brunton: No, it means they don't know.

Grim: I'm running him through Echelon, we could have a location on him within the hour.

Lambert: Great work everybody. Make yourself scarce, Fisher. Coen's waiting outside for extraction.

Sam: Right.

Coldeboeuf: Right what?

(Meanwhile the mercs are attempting to use fuel barrels on the door with a timer fuse to breach the Processing Room.)

(If Sam keeps speaking to Francois.)

Sam: Is there any way out of here besides the door and the air vent?

Coldeboeuf: You are thinking that I would still be here if there was?

(Sam has a choice how he will play his next move. He can wait for the timer of the bomb to go off which will kill Francois or dispatch the mercs.)

(If Sam takes out Francois.)

(If Sam let's Francois die.)

Lambert: That was a fine way to thank Coldeboeuf.

Sam: I get the feeling you're being sarcastic.

Lambert: He didn't have to die.

(Sam gets out of the vents and into the back exit of the labs where Coen is waiting in her van.)

End Mission.