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Saulnier Cryogenics Lab
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Game Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Location Saulnier Cryogenics Lab, Paris, France
Date 30th March 2006 / 04:12 to 05:23 Hours
Objective Identify Sadono's chief mercenary.
"What do you mean 'Frenchman'? We're all Frenchmen here."
― French-Syrian terrorist
Paris, France is the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher investigates the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab after evidence recovered from the U.S. Embassy in East Timor.


An enemy agent operating under the alias 'mortified_penguin' has broken into the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab with a gang of French and Syrian mercenaries.

Trace their path of intrusion to uncover their purpose and the identity of 'morified_penguin'.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate Saulnier Cryogenics.
  • Access the security terminal.
  • Disable the Bomb.
  • Access Saulnier's Client database.
  • Access the "Limited Storage" facility.
  • Find some French Brains- Sadono's men retrieved a list of clients whose brains had been frozen in storage. Fisher needs to access the part of the lab where those brains are stored.
  • Locate Francois and take his cell phone.
  • Extraction.

Notes Edit

  • Cameras have a blind spot beneath them.
  • Password is 2457
  • Password for the client storage room is 7562

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Paris, France

Mission Overview Edit


Sam Fisher infiltrates the nearby subway tunnel and continues to head towards the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab.

While investigating the U.S. Embassy in East Timor, which was under siege by the Darah Dan Doa, Third Echelon uncovered evidence for a potential terrorist operation necessitating the infiltration of Saulnier Cryogenics in Paris. Fisher departed for France and enters the lab via an abandoned subway tunnel. Upon entering, Sam discovers that a band of French and Syrian mercenaries have taken control of the lab in their search for an unknown agent. While there, he finds that the mercenaries have massacred all of the laboratory staff and are destroying the evidence of their attack.


Fisher disarms the bomb that the French-Syrian terrorists planted in the boiler room.

Fisher continues through the labs until he encounters the computer room containing the security terminal he needs to use, but the room was currently being occupied by two Frence-Syrian terrorists destroying the many PCs set up around the room. Fisher takes out the two armed men and finally begins using the security terminal. Using the surveillance video from the security cameras set up, it is discovered that the terrorists have set up a bomb in the boiler room nearby. Sam quickly heads to the boiler room and defuses it. Afterwards, he heads to the lab's computer mainframe in hopes of gathering more information.


Sam Fisher grabs one of the French-Syrian terrorists in the body processing area.

As Sam makes his way to the front offices, he encounters an increasingly large force of mercenaries before he finally reaches the mortuary. Here, brains are scattered on the floor to reveal that the mercenaries dumped the clients and made off with the ND-133 storage devices. The brains belong to French citizens, with a possibly that some of them were scientists. Irving Lambert orders Sam to track a security guard named François Coldeboeuf, who managed to capture a snapshot of the mercenary leader before being shot and forced to take cover, by locking himself behind a heavily fortified door in the body processing room. He soon finds François trapped in the room where the mercenaries are about to destroy the room with chemical barrels. Fisher was able to get the image from Coldeboeuf's phone and extract from the exterior exit of the building. (See notes below, as this section has multiple choices.)

Transcript Edit

Debriefing Edit

A recovered image of 'Mortified Penguin' matched the CIA record of an
agency-trained operative named Norman Soth. Though Echelon was unable
to identify Soth as either a friendly or enemy asset, Grimsdottir
successfully traced as him to a train en route to nice under the alias
'Jonathan Poindexter'.

Interrogating François Coldeboeuf Edit


François Coldeboeuf's situation: Mercenaries try to break into the room, Fisher infiltrates the boiler room, Coldeboeuf shows Fisher the picture of mortified_penguin.

There are three possibilities to dealing with François Coldeboeuf, each will not affect the story outside of the mission whatsoever. The only thing that changes, for the most part, is Lambert's dialogue once you complete the mission.

  1. Sam can shoot a panel next to the mercenaries, after speaking with François and taking his cell phone, which releases steam from several places. Doing so kills all of the mercenaries and stops the timer. Alternatively you can kill the mercenaries before they place the barrels, and then shoot the panel after speaking to François. Both options stop the steam in the upper vent while saving François.
  2. Sam can leave François behind as the mercenaries prepare to destroy the room with explosive barrels in the hopes of killing François. Sam is troubled that he couldn't save him but leaves the lab to meet up with the V-22 Osprey to catch the train Norman Soth is on.
  3. Sam can kill François Coldeboeuf. If he attempts to knock out or use sticky shocker or other non-lethal weapons on François, Sam inadvertently kills him. Alternatively, Sam can kill François with lethal force (bullets, grenades, etc.), leaving the body near the barrel and shooting it (so it kills François). Sam can either move François' body away from explosive before shooting it, or let François burn from the blast. These options lead to Lambert scolding Sam Fisher for killing François and telling him that he will under go psych analysis when he returns to base. Or he may scold you and send you to psych analysis for simply letting the terrorists kill François.

Version 2 (PS2/GameCube)Edit

  • It is not known why so many ammunition is located at level. Even if destroy all the lights, objects and include enemys, there will be at least 18 unused bullets at the end of second part of level.
  • If Sam on the second part want go back to first part of level, the lock on the door will be blocked.
  • The last two enemies in the second part, fleeing from the bomb are identical to the first two enemies, who destroying computers in the third part. It's not known whether the same persons are the same or not, since Sam can kill them until they run away.
  • The path of penetration to François Coldeboeuf through ventilation at the bottom of the floor.


  • 📌 Part 1 – 04:12 Hours
  • 💡 12 lights, 1 broken light; -13 bullets.
  • 🍶 3 cans (2 objects on the station, 1 object on the table near the first computer).
  • 🚿 1 pipe, -1 bullet.
  • 📹 1 camera, -1 bullet.
  • 💻 2 computers (2 monitors, 2 system units, -4 bullets).
  • ⌨ 2 keyboards, -2 bullets.
  • 🔫 +1 5.56mm ammo (on the table near the first computer).
  • 💼 +1 satchel (data stick from enemy who use computer).
  • 🔨 4 window glasses in the room with computers, -4 bullets.
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 3-step lock in a room with lockers.
  • 💀 Number of dead: 6, -6 bullets. Dead civilians: 1 (in the room with computers).
  • 📌 Part 2 – 04:21 Hours
  • 💊 2 Medical Kits (on the floor at the beginning and in the room in front of the bomb)
  • 🔫 +2 5.56mm ammo (on the floor at the beginning and at the table near working computer), +1 5.72mm ammo (on the table with the destroyed computer). Unused bullets: 20 or 18.
  • 💡 5 lights, 3 broken lights; -8 bullets.
  • 🍶 10 jars, -10 bullets.
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 3-step lock at the exit from the morgue and into the premises with a bomb.
  • 🔨 3 window glasses in the room with computers, -3 bullets.
  • 💻 1 computer (1 monitors, 1 system units, -10 bullets).
  • ⌨ 3 keyboards, -3 bullets.
  • 💼 +1 satchel (data stick from enemy who destroy computers).
  • 💣 1 bomb (deactivate by Sam).
  • 💀 Number of dead: 5 or 7 (the last two can leave), -5 or -7 bullets. Dead civilians: 4 (3 in the morgue and 1 near the computers).
  • 📌 Part 3 – 04:32 Hours
  • 📷 +1 Sticky Camera
  • ⚡ +1 Sticky Shocker
  • 💍 +1 Ring Airfoil Projectile
  • 📌 Part 4 – 04:50 Hours
  • 🏁 Best results of the level: Alarms – 0. The number of bullets fired from the SC-20K is .


  • The mercenaries seem to have infiltrated the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab through a hole they created using explosives. This is evident by the fire surrounding the hole as well as a large chunk of the wall in the abandoned tunnel hallway.
    • The player must shoot the water valve to douse the fire before continuing on. If the player attempts to move around it, it will result in instant death. In some cases for the PS3 version, it could very well crash the game.
  • The bodies located in the morgue are reused models from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, the bodies used are those of CIA agents Robert Blaustein and Alice Madison, as seen in the Police Station level.
  • In the labs front entrance, approaching the phone on the wall will trigger it to ring alerting guards to investigate. The guards will shoot it to stop before resuming positions.
  • Once the player finds the brains scattered across the floor, it is possible for the player to use their weapon to shoot the brain, causing them to explode and disappear.
  • The brains that Sam finds scattered on the floor can be shot, yet he won't get scolded by Lambert.
  • Motion Sensors make their first and only appearance in this level. Since then, the Motion Sensor no longer makes an appearance in the entire game.
    • Setting off the second motion sensor triggers two mercenaries to come from a locked room, the room is unlocked once the second motion senor is triggered.
  • In a vaporised room near the vents where Sam must move to reach the Processing Room, there are shelves with test subject rats inside cages. He can view them through thermal goggles.
  • If the Syrian-French mercenaries are knocked out before the player shoots the valve on the wall (which will cause the lethal steam in the player's vent to shut off), they will simply be unconscious. If the valve, however, is shot by the players gun, this will release the steam into the room the guards are in. Despite being knocked out, the guards will be killed by the steam.
    • If the player is doing a non-lethal run, and counts shooting the valve as a kill (since it releases the steam that kills the mercenaries), it is possible for the player to simply wait for them to detonate the barrels outside of the door. (See option 2 in the "Notes" section.)



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