This article is about the term. Were you looking for the game, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow?

Darah Dan Doa leader Suhadi Sadono speaks the words "Pandora Tomorrow" into his radio.

Pandora Tomorrow was a code phrase used by Suhadi Sadono during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006 to delay the release of strategically placed ND133 devices around the United States of America containing deadly smallpox viruses, placed under the protection of a PMC named ARGUS.

Overview Edit

The first time the phrase is shown in the game is in the opening cinematic where Suhadi Sadono coordinates with his Darah Dan Doa militia to attack the U.S. Embassy to East Dili. It shows him raise a radio up to his ear and say 'Pandora Tomorrow' (presumably delaying one of the ND133 device detonation times, or possibly initiating the attack on the embassy). During Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher's infiltration into Suhadi Sadono's villa, Third Echelon was able to tap Suhadi Sadono's phone inside of his office after he made his daily Pandora Tomorrow phone calls. It is shown here that he will, before stating the code phrase 'Pandora Tomorrow', recite a long code (presumably verifying his identity before delaying the release). This created a sense of immunity to Sadono, something he was fully aware of - if he was killed, the ND133 devices would be detonated and the small pox would release, killing possibly millions.

Trivia Edit

  • "Pandora Tomorrow" is a reference to the Greek mythology of Pandora's box, a container which was described to hold the evils of the world. The box refers to the ND133 devices that the small pox viruses were sealed in.

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