Panama is the second Co-op mission in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Co-op. As Splinter Cells-in-training you are tasked with infiltrating the Panamanian Canal Administration Building to search for evidence of illegal activities related to Vice President de Medeiros.

Briefing Edit

LAMBERT - Welcome to the big leagues. I know you're both still in training, but something's come up, and don't have any other assets available. We recently recovered evidence from the MCAS Bank of Panama suggests that Vice President Segundo Ruiz de Medeiros of Panama Canal Administration has been accepting bribes and allowing certain ships to bypass spot inspections as they move through the Canal Zone. We need to find any records that Senor de Medeiros might have kept.

Mission Information Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Access the archives.
  • Access the main server.
  • Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point.

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Panama


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