The PP19 is a DLC weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


Formally known as PP-19 Bizon, or Bison in English, is the Russian submachine gun designed for counter-terrorist units and internal affairs department like MVD use. Designed by sons of the creators of famed Kalashnikov assault rifle and Dragunov sniper rifle, the PP-19 is based on the proven AKS74U carbine. Unlike it's cousins, the PP-19 uses roller-blowback operating mechanism, rather than popular gas operation. The PP-19 is unique in the SMG category in another way. Instead of using clip magazine, the PP-19 is fed from the helical magazine, because it's similar shape and the attach location, it can be easily confused as grenade launcher.

The PP-19 has no less than eight variants, by improving the design, the Bizon-2 entered service in 1996. The PP-19 can use 9x19mm Parabellum, 9x18mm Makarov or the old 7.62x25mm cartridge used by WW2-era submachine guns. However, the gun is tough and versatile enough to use Russian made, highly pressurized 7N21 and 7N31 armor piercing 9x19mm +p+ round, thus making the Bizon more potent as a close range weapon. The helical magazine capacity is either 53 or 64 rounds. In game, the PP19 is the Bizon-2-01 variant, uses 53 round helical magazine. The stats for the Bizon is fairly average for a primary weapon, it's main advantage is the high ammo capacity without the need to purchase a extended magazine. Sam cam purchase optics and laser sight for increased accuracy. It's unsuppressed nature makes it far from suitable for Ghost or even Panther-style players, but for Assault-style players, the Bizon is a solid choice for sustained firefight without the need to purchase too much attachments. Although it uses pressurized ammunition, the heavily armored and shielded enemies will give Bizon users trouble.

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