The P99 is a pistol featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction and available for use by the player. It has moderate power and accuracy, the same as the P228 and MK. 23 respectively; however, with the match grade ammo upgrade it has the second longest range of any pistol in the game, so can be a useful mark and execute weapon, although it is unsuppressed.

Description Edit


"The compact P99 contains powerful fire power with moderate accuracy over fair ranges."

Upgrades Edit

The following three upgrades are available for the P99:

Laser Sight Edit

The Laser Sight increases the accuracy of a weapon and improves aiming assistance.

Cost: 250 Points

Extended Mag Edit

The Extended Magazine offers a higher bullet capacity.

Cost: 300 Points

Match Grade Ammo Edit

Match Grade Ammo is optimized to slightly increase the range of bullets.

Cost: 250 Points

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