(Fisher has infiltrated the oil refinery complex from a far side pipeline via zodiac and about to move)

Irvin Lambert: (Radio) Fisher, we've uploaded your mission objectives, Grimsdottir says the rig's encryption protocols are bulletproof, so we're going to have to let one of Nikoladze's geeks long on before we get a chance at any intelligence.

Sam Fisher: Why would they be holding onto this rig? It's not Nikoladze's smartest play.

Lambert: That'd what got out attention. Nikoladze's sacrificing several cells to hold onto it, so whatever's coming over that network must be critical. Mission objectives on your OpSat.

(Sam scales through the pipeline's platforms whilst he intercept mercenary chatter)

GSold: (Radio) Visual on hostile forces! We're blowing the bridge immediately! Repeat, blowing up the bridge.

(Sam reaches a zipline and glides through as a large explosion emits on the last section of the pipeline, deteriorating a large portion of it.)

Lambert: Bad news, Fisher. Something got the military's attention.

Fisher: Oh boy.

Lambert: The oilrig just got bumped into the single digits on NATO's strike list. Find yourself a technician and get that data, time just got scarce.

(Sam scales to the broken section and finds a way to the oil rig via a broken section of the pipe with a hole wide enough to squeeze and pushes onto the murky path inside the complex as another chatter is being intercepted)

GSold: Everybody look lively. Our computer technician is returning with the encryption key. I need two men to meet him at the docking station, and escort him to the data hub. Let's get this finished quickly, we're sitting duck out here!

(Sam managed to get into the rig and goes up the hatch. Meanwhile a boat docked on the far side of the docking station as a technician, Piotr Lejava, and two escorts head up to the main data hub. Same goes to close gaps between him and Lejava and another radio chatter is intercepted)

Soldier: (Radio) Relay alert from Phillip Masse! We have incoming American warplanes!

(Sam continues to move a squad of  F-15 Eagle tactical fighters are closing into the oil rig. Sam continues to pursuit the escort inside the rig's complex. A sudden explosion occurs in the rig.)

Piotr Lejava: Suffering Christ.! What the hell was that?

(Suddenly the rig started opening fire on the threat.)

Lambert: That's our friends from the airforce. Ground troops are imminent, we'll keep you updated.

(The escort continues moving as a battle brews on the background, another chatter is being intercepted)

Soldier: (Radio) We're under attack! We've sustained heavy damage to...

(The guards seem to go back and forth watching above)

Soldier: (Radio) American fighter planes! They're coming in again. Reports of incoming troop transport.

(Sam continues his pursuit and passes through a corner with a pump machine on the side, walking near a squad guarding a door)

Soldier2: You OK? You look gunk... You are hanging in there?

(If Sam goes to activate the pump's pressure switch the guards will take notice)

Soldier3: See? It's still spraying.

Soldier2: I swear, I turned it off.

soldier3: Sure you did.

Soldier2: I did!

(Sam pushes through the door and into a cantina while the escort is heard through the corner.)

Piotr: It won't open.

Soldier4: Unlock it you nerd.

Piotr: I did. I think it's broken.

Soldier5: What's the hold up?

Piotr: It's this damn rig. Everything's....

Soldier5: Never mind, we'll go around.

(The technician and escort go back out and head through another path. Sam keeps up with them.)

Lambert: Change of plans Fisher. You're going after that technician, Piotr. We want the briefcase chained to his wrist.

Sam: He downloaded the data to that?

Lambert: To a laptop inside it. Use whatever force necessary.

(Sam reaches a point where the data hub is behind a wall, while glass breaks through a window above. He climbs onto a pipeline into the broken windows. Piotr had already finished downloading the data and ran away, whilst the escort stayed to smash all the computer evidence. As Sam tries to leave the hub via a staircase, the rest of Nikolazde's cell attempt to escape with the technician on a helicopter, but unfortunately it was blown up by a missile. Piotr ran away in panic.)

Soldier6: Down! Down! Cover!

(Sam pursuits Piotr while crossing paths with fighting soldiers in disarray and followed him to the docking station. The boat that Piotr came was now sunk down and he was sitting there helpless. Sam could grab Piotr and make him talk)

Sam: What makes this worth the risk?

Piotr: Who the hell are you? *Strained grunt*

Sam: Don't ask any more questions. Answers only and fast.

Piotr: I understand.

Sam: Why risk manually extracting data from a battle zone?

Piotr: Cause It's the only way. We've treated with a non-transferable to destroy the feed.

Sam: What's the data?

Piotr: I am just a messenger, I don't know. Something about an Ark.

Sam: What's that?

Piotr: I don't know. What Nikoladze wants most.

(If Sam continues interrogating)

Sam: What were you going to do with the briefcase?

Piotr: I don't know. I wasn't going to find out until I was on board the escape ship. Masse is a complete control freak.

Sam: Masse?

Piotr: Please! I don't want to... *squirming grunt* ... Phillip Masse. Nikoladze's lead programmer.

(If Sam keeps interrogating)


Piotr: I swear, that's all I know.


Piotr: You might as well kill me, otherwise Nikolazde's men will.

(Sam subdues Piotr and grabs the briefcase.)

Lambert: Great job Fisher. Time to make yourself scarce.

End game.

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