Nuclear Power Plant
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Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Location Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Date 6th November 2004 / 19:50 to 21:34 Hours
Objective Trace the microwave relay.

Nuclear Power Plant is an exclusive solo campaign level for the PlayStation 2 version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must trace the microwave relay by infiltrating the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in the Kola Peninsula located in Russia.


Trace the microwave relay.

Data retrieved from Kalinatek reveals that Nikoladze uses an unconventional network of relays to communicate with Georgian terrorist cell. Background electric noise surrounding the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in Northern Russia makes it impossible to trace the network beyond this point.

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Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate the Cooling Rod Room and Trigger a meltdown alert.
  • Retrieve the Cooling Rod Control Room access code from the mercenary technician "Esfir."
  • Retrieve the FlashRAM shipping log for the power plant's waste disposal train.
  • Investigate the Nadezhda communications center.
  • Obtain the Data Stick from the Technician.
  • Tap the Georgian microwave relay.
  • Stow away on the waste train for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • The keypad code for the door to the maintenance shaft is 151822.
  • The Cooling Rod Control Room access code is 560627.
  • There is an active civilian presence in the power plant. Avoid collateral damage.
  • The meltdown alert will disable all security cameras.

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Mission OverviewEdit

The signal from Kalinatek is lost in the midst of various signals coming from the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in Russia's Kola Peninsula. Sam infiltrates the plant and triggers a false meltdown alert to evacuate all technicians, though the guards stay. While investigating the plant, Fisher discovers that the Russians have recently shipped nuclear Americium 239 eastward, and that the guards around the plant are not really the Russian military, but more of Grinko's men in uniforms. Fisher taps the relay and Grimsdottir discovers that Masse hid their signal in the spaces between Nadezhda's signals. Fisher stows away on the waste disposal train, but upon extraction, Wilkes is shot and killed by a guard, leading to the Coen's introduction to the group.


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Whereas the microwave relay system is destroyed in Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant, Nikoladze continues to launch information warfare attacks against the US from the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar. Relations with the Chinese crumble over allegations of Chinese support for Nikoladze. The Chinese/Georgian connection must be investigated if war is to be averted.


  • The white (snow) op-suit is first seen in this mission.
  • A sub-plot in this mission is that nuclear waste is being transported by train eastward. Among the waste is Americium 239. An interrogated technician claims that it is being sent eastward and the label is in Chinese. It is later revealed that it was sent to the Chinese Embassy (Part 2) in Myanmar, where it is eventually destroyed when Fisher destroys the trucks about to leave with it.
  • At the beginning of the level in the street on the right behind the metal door in the far corner there is a blocked corridor. It can not be opened.
  • If you kill two Russians upstairs next to the searchlight there will be lead to alarm in first part.
    • Also in second part, the Russian patrols the second floor, where a programmer walks under him. You can not get to the second floor, but killing a Russian will lead to an alarm.
  • Indescrepencies are found at the ending of the level where Sam says he'll extract by stowing away on the train and meet Wilks 35 kilometers down the line, on account of Wilks not being able to get 30 kilometers of the plant due to the false meltdown. However in the ending cutscene Wilks appears to be extracting Sam from the Power Plant by Ospray.
  • Vernon Wilkes, Jr. is fatally wounded at the end of this mission. In other versions of the game, Wilkes is shot at Kalinatek. However, the subtitle indicates that they are in Russian airspace and the date and time are suddenly changed. This would seem to indicate that the Nuclear Power Plant was originally intended to be in all versions but was cut from most.