Not Today is a single player Trophy featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HD. It is unlocked when the player frees themselves from an interrogation.

The only possible level to do this on is Kokubo Sosho, in the lower area the personnel are LTL equipped. Once spotted, the player can be hit with a Sticky Shocker and knocked out. They will then wake up in a secluded closet being interrogated by two guards. After a while, one will leave (standing outside the door) while the other is interacting with a nearby table (with 'interrogation' tools on it). The player can now pick their handcuffs and free themselves, allowing them to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Once the player is able to free pick their handcuffs, the interrogator will say things about making the player talk, but he will always resume his 'distracted' actions even if the player waits.

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