Nasir Tarighian
Known aliases Namik Basaran
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (novel)

Nasir Tarighian aka. Namik Basaran was the founder and CEO of Akdabar Enterprises, and the leader of the notorious terrorist group, The Shadows. His family was killed in the Iran-Iraq war. Swearing revenge, he lead a group named the Shadows, but the group was hunted and killed. Having escaped, he emerged with a new name, Namik Basaran and used his last funds to found Akdabar Enterprises. He hatched a plan to launch a massive WMD against Iraq, but was killed by Albert Mertens, his fellow physicist.

Life as Namik BasaranEdit

Namik Basaran is the head of Akdabar Enterprises in Turkey and a supposed informant for the CIA. In truth, Basaran is Nasir Tarighian, the head of The Shadows. The Shadows is a terrorist group that formed during the final days of the Iran–Iraq War. Tarighian was at one point a peaceful man, however, during the war, Iraq bombed his home killing his wife and children. Since that day, he sought revenge and has gone to great lengths to get it. Tarighian aims to use the Babylon Phoenix developed by Professor Mertens to obliterate Baghdad. His group, however, feels that Baghdad, being a Muslim city, should not be the target and instead perform a last minute coup. Tarighian, his bodyguard Farid, and all his loyalists are killed on the orders of Ahmed Mohammed.

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